10 Cool Outfits Featuring A Bow Tie

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Cara Delevingne in  black tuxedo and a bow tie
Cara Delevingne in black tuxedo and a bow tie
If you are thinking how to make your looks more masculine and bold, then a bow tie is an excellent accessory to do so. There is barely any other piece that is capable of adding such a unique and tough look to your ensemble – while still keeping it delicate and elegant. You can obviously wear various hats, ties and tuxedos, but so far this is the best way to show your support for a gender-balanced world. Below is a collection of some adorable and super sophisticated outfits that are all styled with a bow tie. The 10 looks will by all means vary in terms of design, but you can clearly track the common line here.

Add A Bow Tie To Your Spring Wardrobe

Cara Delevingne offered a stunning outfit which will speak to many of you. There are many ways to wear a pant suit, but this is obviously one of the most stylish and engaging ones. The moment I spotted this saucy look, I realized how much I myself crave such an outfit. There is nothing outstanding about the design of every piece featured; however, the ensemble is absolutely mind-blowing. And the secret here is about how all these elements are combined together and styled with the proper accessories. First of all, the classic black tuxedo embellished with atlas goes well with a buttoned cotton shirt in white. A pair of peep-toe black leather sandals as well as the black bow tie and the trendy necklace in gold and black finished the outfit in a striking way.

In case you would like to go for a more casual look, then the best way is definitely to go for a denim outfit. I am sure that every lady has a pair of skinny jeans in her wardrobe, so this would not be a hard task. All you will have to do is to add a beautiful shirt with some engaging print as well as saucy wedges, trendy glasses and a cool clutch. And as can be expected, a cute bow tie in a lovely design will make the perfect complement to the this adorable look.

Here is a very engaging and creative way to wear the saucy accessory. If you would like to stand out from the crowd and be in the limelight, then this skirt suit is obviously something you ought to go for. The unique pattern as well as the appealing shade makes this ensemble one of the most unusual numbers ever. The light mint color perfectly matches the white shirt with some ruffles along the neckline. The outfit is paired with peep-toe heels in red, black velvet bow tie and a saucy clutch.

Casual and chic look featuring a bow tie
Casual and chic look featuring a bow tie
If you would like to have more examples on how jeans can be rocked with a bow tie, here is a very alluring one. This is an excellent combination of classy and casual style with a slight touch of glam. A pair of dark blue boyfriend jeans is combined with a lovely shirt in light blue. Electric blue pumps along with the white dotted tuxedo, black belt and a matching leather tote made this look even more alluring and cool.

A bow tie can be also worn with a dress – and here one has quite a wide range of options. You can go for a cute shirt dress; in this case your saucy accessory will look very relevant and logical. Or else, you can create a stronger contrast and opt, for instance, for a thicker one and in a more complex design. This particular piece in black and white features lurex which makes the frock shine and glow. To complement the look, the beauty also rocked a pair of fascinating ankle straps in black and a very delicate and exquisite chain handbag in gray. This is an astonishing and very cool look to attend some high-fashion event – this way you will manage to stay saucy and creative at the same time.

There are some more ways to wear a bow tie – and all of them as cool as the previous ones are. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the possible options; one can find many more to check out. However, this set will give at least an idea of how diverse can such outfits look – depending on the style, texture and color palette.

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