10 More Best Dressed Celebrities of 2012

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We would like to complement the list of the best dressed celebrities 2012 with 10 more beautiful ladies that were holding our attention with their amazing looks throughout the year 2012.

10 best dressed female celebrities of 2012

Emma Stone
An often resident on the award shows and movie premiers, Emma Stone was even awarded with the Best Red Carpet Style. Emma likes to make the surprises with her looks: when everyone preferred to wear the long gowns to the Met Gala, Emma went for the short Lanvin confection, what made her a spotlight. Besides, her Amazing Spider-Man promo tour didn’t stop amazing us with the striking looks.

Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth occupies one of the highest positions on our list owing to her incredible ability to create the trendy-looking looks that appear effortless and don’t make an impression of being too forced. Whether she walks down the street or attends the red carpet event, Kate don’t stop amazing us with the flawless looks.
Gwyneth Paltrow
This Hollywood A-list star and a talented singer is a recognized style icon. Seems like pending her brilliant acting career, Gwyneth Paltrow had never done the style mistakes. Gwyneth can boast the flawless look, which is a blend of stylish elegance and chic. Regardless whether she wears the Stella McCartney racerback gown or Prada mini dress, Gwyneth always becomes the spotlight of the red carpet.
Miranda Kerr
Australia-born Miranda Kerr knows a thing or two about fashion. While being one of the most beautiful Victoria’s Secret models, Miranda manages to look striking not only on the catwalk, but also in the real life. It is always a pleasure seeing her walking down the street in the relaxed, but yet very stylish and polished outfits. The key of her killer street style is blending the basic garments with trend touches like bright hues, bold prints and sheer materials.
Jennifer Lopez
This year was a period of change for the iconic signer and an established style icon Jennifer Lopez, but one thing never changes- her sexual appeal in clothing. The mother of two can boast the perfect curves and she doesn’t stop demonstrating it, while wearing the Emilio Pucci mini dress or a Temperley London cocktail gown.
Kate Moss
Kate Moss is famous not only with her wild life, but also with her unique style, which is a mix of the street fashion with classy touches. This year Kate obtained one more “accessory” to her stylish looks- a rockstar husband. Being the permanent resident on the best dressed lists by various fashion editions, Kate stays true to her signature style with a messy tinge.
Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington is a fan of the sophisticated outfits that suit her perfectly. The secret of her flawless looks is complementing the lady-like garments and dresses with elegant accessories that make her feel like the real aristocrat.
Olivia Palermo
Olivia Palermo became famous for her unchanging uptown-girl style, which is both polished and trendy. Olivia stayed true to her signature clean cut style even in the times, when the messy-looking grunge was introduced to the world of fashion.
Blake Lively
The famous Gossip Girl’s actress Blake Lively isn’t afraid of going over the board with her red carpet appearances, since she is a stylist for herself. Regardless the fact she opts for the mini dress or the beautiful flowing gown, Blake always becomes a center of attention.
Rihanna manages to inflame not only on the stage, but also in the everyday life with her striking outfits that are almost impossible to imitate. Seems like they are the expression of her inner world and thus are unique and extremely bold. Rihanna doesn’t follow the latest fashion trends, she is a trend setter herself.

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