15 Best DIY Footwear Pieces

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Awesome ankle straps embellished with pom poms
Awesome ankle straps embellished with pom poms
There are plenty of ways to express yourself today: anything from karaoke clubs to various cooking classes will allow one a wide range of opportunities. While some of them require certain skills and even talents, there are others that are much more flexible. In other words, you don’t need to be born a genius in order to create something. All you need in fact is some imagination and a desire to stand out. For example, if you are a big fan of unique footwear, but just do not possess enough financial means to purchase the most exquisite and beautiful pairs, then your only choice is to design something on your own. Skeptics would most likely argue that there is no way one can create a pair of shoes without a proper educational and practical background; however you are not supposed to be a proficient and well-known designer in order to produce something. You are obviously not expected to create a footwear item from scrap, so no worries: even those of you who lack any artistic skills at all will be able to meet this very simple goal. All you need to do is just to get a regular pair of shoes and some props to work with as well as to read this post till the very end.

Most Gorgeous DIY Shoes: Fashion Manual

The easiest way to proceed with the new design for your old pair of shoes is to add some elements to make it look unique and engaging. And here one has a large wide of options to choose among: from multi-colored beads to regular lacing. It all depends of which exactly pair you are to beautify. Also, take into consideration what occasion it is that you are planning to rock this shoes. If it is some fashionable event that we are talking about, then feel free to use any sort of adornment you want to. However, if you are going to wear the item on an everyday basis, then you will probably have to limit yourself a bit and opt for more moderate embellishment. This way you will make sure that your handmade pair looks appropriate and will keep the image for a long period.

Beige shoes with an encrusted heel
Beige shoes with an encrusted heel
It also depends on how much time and effort you are willing to dedicate to the process. If you happen to be a super patient person as well as possess loads of time at your disposal, then you can surely afford yourself pretty much anything. For instance, why not to decorate your regular and somewhat cliche ankle straps with vibrant pom poms? I am pretty sure that such an idea have not visited too many of you – which is not surprising. When it comes to shoe design, it is normally various kinds of crystals, gemstones, rhinestones, sequins and studs that come to our mind. Nonetheless, we still have an option of bringing a fresh zest into the footwear embellishment. Although you can also go for the conventional style and add some glistening elements to the heel of your pumps, for instance.

In case you would like to add a funky and extraordinary touch to your pair and meantime abstain from turning your footwear piece into an item full of glamorous zest, here is an excellent way to do so. Just replace a regular ribbon or lace of your ankle strap sandals with a fine piece of gold chain. This will definitely turn your item into something that will attract lots of attention and surely become an object of jealousy and desire from the side of other fashionistas. Or else, add a piece of black lacing featuring fringe to your favorite pair of elegant sandals and make it more saucy and outstanding.

In other words, there are plenty of ways one you can embellish your shoes, so it choosing style should not be really an issue. Just make sure that what you decided upon will match your pair in a gorgeous way; otherwise you might not be happy with the result. Other than that, there are a very few limitations – which we have already discussed. So go ahead and exploit your imagination and aesthetic perception to the full extent and who knows – maybe very soon your hobby will grow into something that will make you famous.

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