20 Summer Cardigans To Add To Your Wardrobe

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Striped cardigan in black and white
Striped cardigan in black and white
If you think that summer is only about short sleeved tees and tank tops, I can provide you a thousand of examples that will prove it wrong. There are different climates and people adapt in different ways. And even if you inhabit an area with overall high summer temperatures, there still might be those days when sun will not be so eager to warm us up. For these cases it makes sense to have a couple of very light cardigans that each will complement any of your summer looks. In case you are not sure about how exactly to style such a piece, here is a collection of amazing outfits that will definitely provide you with lots of inspiration.

How To Wear A Summer Cardigan: 20 Striking Examples

Here is an outfit that will speak to many of you for sure. The reason is that it manages to combine elements of several styles – which is always appealing and engaging. If you are a fan of prints and embellishment, then this outfit is very likely to take your breath away. A pair of dark blue boyfriend jeans features a crop design and adorable graffiti embroidery. A white loose T-shirt with a slogan along with a pair of very elegant and stylish sandals in black, Chanel signature handbag and some very funky jewelry pieces complements this outfit in an excellent way. And as one can see, a very comfy and cute cardigan in black and white stripes adds a final touch to the ensemble, leaving absolutely no room for hesitation.

Fans of ecru, here is a look that you will find very appealing. This outfit is full of delicate touch and impeccable fashion taste. There is nothing excessive or outrageous about it, however it will be very hard to not notice it. A pair of skinny white jeans perfectly matches an embroidered laser cut top in white as well as the elegant three-quarter knit cardigan in beige. The combo is styled with a very cool belt in red and gold and gorgeous peep-toe heels in beige. This is a great ensemble to rock both as an officewear outfit and a go-out look.

You can also create greater contrasts by mixing textures and colors. For instance, if you combine a beautiful strapless baby-doll dress in sky blue with a puffy cardigan in a midi cut, I can guarantee that you will end up with one of the most delicious and irresistible looks of this summer. Especially when the former is embellished with 3-D florals in pink and the latter features a super vibrant and yummy fuchsia shade. The ensemble is styled with a pair of trendy gladiator sandals in beige, saucy sunglasses and an extremely beautiful handbag in mint.

Printed cardigan to complement a sporty look
Printed cardigan to complement a sporty look
Those of you who prefer sporty outfits, here comes an adorable ensemble that will totally blow your mind away. A very engaging and hot mini dress in two shades of gray looks so great that even someone who is not in love with casual numbers will go for this piece. The collared fit is combined with a ruffled skirt, whereas the asymmetric hem adds up to the overall impression. The frock is complemented with a pair of sneakers in black and white and a striking crop cardigan in gray, black and white.

Why not to style a regular look in a way that would make it stand out from the crowd? If you are not sure about how to style your favourite pair of denim shorts, you will get the idea in a few minutes. These bleached ripped denims perfectly go with a plain white tank top and a very light silk cardigan in black, green and red. The ensemble looks even more engaging and appealing when it is styled with such gorgeous accessories as this elegant handbag in rust brown and gold as well as a lovely pendant with a turquoise gemstone.

Last but not least comes the most exquisite and sophisticated outfit of the today’s collection. This stunning ensemble deserves several rounds of applause. The short-sleeved sequined dress in silver is paired with a fringed cardigan in black. Although the latter does not represent something extremely outstanding and unique, it is in combination with the awesome frock that it creates such an unbeatable impression. As the ensemble itself is quite sufficient, there is no need to add any bright accessories. All you will spot is just a stylish Chanel handbag, a pair of superb glasses and some very moderate yet sophisticated jewels.

What do you think of these striking outfits? Which of the presented cardigans would you add to collection?

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