26 Adorable Citrus Colored Outfits For Summer 2015

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Adorable cut-out loose dress
Adorable cut-out loose dress
If you are not sure about what to rock this summer, here is a range of extremely delicious looks that will literally make your mouths water. One of the best color choices for the warm season is of course a bright palette. The more vibrant your look is, the more chances you will become an attraction to all the male individuals who pass by. However, this should not be considered as a call for action: by no means will a rainbow-inspired ensemble speak to representatives of either sex. So one has to be very careful when it comes to choosing a look in vibrant shades. In case you find it such a choice confusing, here is an awesome set of examples that will give you a very precise idea of how to create a catchy and stunning outfit: all you need to do is just to style your composition with a clothing piece in citrus shade.

How To Wear Citrus This Summer

Here is an incredibly stylish and appealing ensemble that is going to win many hearts and minds. There is absolutely no way one can ever resist the beauty of this awesome outfit, as it features some of the most gorgeous color compositions ever. Bright yellow looks awesome against deep blue – and this is the statement that does not any proof at all. This beautiful long-sleeved moderate dress with long sleeves and a cut-out panel along the back go well with the loose silhouette of this dress as well as its easy style. The item is combined with great ankle straps in deep blue and turquoise and a matching clutch in leather with gold styling. If you want to become a queen of the night, this piece has to take place on your shelf.

If you are into elegant and office looks, then this outfit will speak to you a lot. The very color palette makes so much difference and should be always one of the decisive colors to make up your mind. In this particular case, it is about a stunning mid-waist pencil skirt in greenish yellow and a contrasting light shirt in delicate mint. The design of the latter is worth to be mentioned, as this is a super sophisticated long-sleeved collar piece with tie-it-up styling. The vibrant combo is offset by a pair of beautiful light mint pumps, elegant handbag in beige, stylish sunglasses and  bunch of cool jewelry pieces.

One can also come up with a rock and funky outfit and still stay on trend. If you are up to adventures and parties, then you ought to try to present the very same outfit. All you need for that is a cute and fluffy chiffon dress in a trendy shade. Here it is all about citrus, hence we can easily go for a magnificent item in bright pistachio or something more sophisticated as long it matches the overall style and fits into the image,. For instance, if your style consists of a striking mini frock with a ruffled hem, embroidered bodice and the most delicious mustard green shades ever, I am pretty sure there will be little room for discontent. A saucy black leather jacket along with awesome ankle straps and a pair of trendy glasses finish this cool composition.

This list would not be full without a pair of hot and appealing shorts. You can go for many different shades, but there is hardly anything more alluring and unbeatable than flare shorts with ripped up hemline in pistachio green. The somewhat elegant design of the item makes it a perfect match for classic shirts, crop tops and chiffon tops; whereas the delicious color adds up an alluring zest to the ensemble. The item is complemented with a very cute short-sleeved shirt in a delicate print, a pair of funky low-wedge sandals and multi-colored hippie accessories.

Mid-ankle full skirt
Mid-ankle full skirt
Full skirts are something that I find very hard to resist. I assume Blair Eadie suffers from the very same sort of disease. She possesses the most extensive and appealing collection of full skirts – the fact that sometime makes my mouth water and eyes envy. This time she rocked a marvelous mid-ankle piece in the greatest color ever: it is impossible to deliver the beauty of the piece through words anyway. The coolest skirt in the universe is combined with a black strapless top featuring a white collar, super stylish printed ankle straps and a pair of her signature sunglasses.

Below are some more looks that feature a citrus inspired clothing piece. Browse through the gallery and enjoy the magnificent ensembles.

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