28 Mind-Blowing Handbags Inspired By Food

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Adorable raspberry handbag by Fulvio Bonavio
Adorable raspberry handbag by Fulvio Bonavio
I can’t imagine my life without a handbag. Where would I carry all my belongings? How would I style my daily looks? What would my hands fiddle with, whenever I got nervous or anxious? I am sure that I am not the only one who has these questions. Apart from this multifunctional nature, a handbag is capable of turning even the most regular look into a firework. It’s just that one has to choose a right piece from the wide range of the available ones. What this post has to offer will definitely make your day and provide you with a brilliant idea of how to create astonishing ensembles in one single step. All you need to do is just to scroll down and then pick your perfect summer handbag.

Most Delicious Handbags To Rock This Summer

If you are into all kinds of berries, then this piece will definitely take your breath away. It can’t be any other way when it is such a magnificent and adorable handbag that we are talking about. The magnificent design features a myriad of raspberries – who on earth can resist such an image? Let me reassure you that this it a 100% natural product, so the bag is quite edible as well. The awesome item is a product of the brightest mind and richest imagination of Fulvio Bonavio. The well-known and award-winning photographer came up with these breath-taking designs as a part of his book A Matter of Taste, which he developed in conjunction with a prominent chef Peta Mathias.The collection also features caps, shoes, belts and jewelry pieces, but it is the handbags that look the most alluring. Every single item is made out of purely natural products – be it broccoli, cheese or watermelon. Although these pieces are not meant to be long-lasting, the effect they create is definitely worth adding any of them into your personal collection. Besides, it is not that it would be a waste of money or anything: you can easily utilize every single item.

Summer is the season when ice-cream makers have a tremendous increase in their profits. I can hardly imagine anyone who would not have at least one sweet cone a day – and this is the average statistics. I myself would obviously go for a couple of portions, as this is one of my favorite deserts. If you happen to share my affiliation, then this is the bag you ought to go for. An ice-cream shaped piece will hardly leave you untouched. Everything from the color composition to the size and gold chain makes this item an excellent accessory to wear on a boiling hot day. Regardless of what you wear, with such a handbag you are very much likely to stay in the limelight.

Awesome watermelon and lemon shaped clutches
Awesome watermelon and lemon shaped clutches
A watermelon clutch is also something that is capable of blowing one’s mind away. The perfect semi-circle shape makes the bag super comfortable in use, while the bright color palette makes this piece stand out from the crowd.  The best way to rock such a design is to complement it with a light outfit in ecru shades – this way your saucy accessory will be even more catchy and appealing. If you feel like mixing styles, then this awesome bag will also be a great matching piece. For instance, a classy pant suit in a dark shade and a collared white shirt will look more engaging if you add such a vibrant watermelon shaped bag.

You can also go for this incredible minaudiere with an splendid print. The delicious cherries in lust red embellish the white glossy surface of the piece, while the gold styling adds up a luxurious touch. I am absolutely in love with this striking item and would love to have it in my collection. One can wear it on any occasion possible, be it a high-end fashion event or something less formal. There are also plenty of ways this handbag can be sported, so you will definitely have a wide range of options to choose from.

One more food inspired accessory will by all means speak to you a lot. There is no way such a piece can leave anyone indifferent. In fact, there are two options presented and every each of them is a masterpiece. The magnificent clutches designed as an apple and a pear look adorable. Apart from the engaging shapes, these accessories also feature glistening surface and gold styling. Both handbags are purely evening accessories, so feel free to add either design to your best floor length gown.

What do you think about these awesome accessories? As summer is approaching, it becomes more reasonable to consider it as one of handbag options. Browse through the gallery below to see some other alternatives.

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