3 Dress-Less Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

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If you’re among those who don’t do dresses, you’re in luck. Why? There is so much cool clothes out there, you won’t have to scratch your head for long to choose an appropriate outfit for any setting.

Lace top

A crochet lace top, leather pants or leggings, and red heeled shoes is a simple yet stylish Valentine’s Day solution. The red gives it a nod to the holiday without overwhelming your look, which makes it very office-friendly. And the leopard clutch fits in nicely.


Red romper is a cool dress alternative. It can be more formal or more relaxed, depending on style you’re after. A more formal romper is great for going out while the lingerie-like piece is a great outfit for those who are celebrating at home. If weather is an issue, you can wrap into a long-sleeved jumpsuit for the occasion.

Poncho top

An oversized cozy sweater or a poncho top like in the picture above would be a perfect look for the Netflix & chill kind of Valentine’s day, but a pair of leather pants and platform boots and you’ve got yourself a street style look.

Now that I’m done inspiring you, let’s talk real Valentine’s Day. Do you celebrate it? Do you hate it? Do you think it’s a meaningless (meaningful) day?

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Mona Lis

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