5 Celebrity Wild Fashion Trends

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We used to consider the celebrities to be the fashion icons owing to their excellent sense of style and the striking red carpet appearances. But the fashion world of celebrities isn’t always as perfect as it seems to be, moreover quite often it turns to be sane. Let’s take a look at the craziest celebrity fashion trends and maybe get some inspiration for your wardrobe.

5 Top wild celebrity fashion trends

Usually the clothes are made to evoke the desire among people to touch them. However the contemporary designers create the garments with spikes that one wouldn’t dare to touch, which became popular among the celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna.
If you have noticed, some celebrities avoid wearing pants including Lady Gaga, who hasn’t worn pants starting from 1992 and Rihanna, who seems to follow the footsteps of crazy Lady Gaga.
Nude bodysuits
Britney Spears was the one to adopt the nude bodysuit, which is an original way to make an illusion of the naked body covered only with the rhinestones. This daring trend was immediately adopted by A-list celebrities including Cher, Nicki Minaj, what demonstrates that the nude bodysuits can survive the change of fashion.
Shutter sunglasses
This trend is probably the strangest one in the list. Being the hit back in the 80s, Kanye West gave it the second wind.
Hairy toes
While the hairy legs are a big no for contemporary women, hairy toes seems to conquer the heart of the modern fashionistas. Looking like the animal paws, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively became the biggest fans of this original trend.

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