5 Modern Denim Looks

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Denim is always in. It’s quite hard to imagine the world without jeans. Could you live a week without wearing jeans at least once? Well, if you couldn’t here are the five modern denim looks that will show you how to wear denim right. It’s not only about jeans either, Every now and again we see the denim shirt going in and out fashion along with denim skirts, which, at least in my humble opinion, are the most challenging to look good in.

Modern Denim Outfits To Replicate

So from all the years of denim being fashionable and trendy many of you probably have at least one pair of jeans, while  more dedicated could also probably boast a denim shirt/skirt or a vest. Some of you may prefer overalls or jackets. All of it is possible to wear in style.

Denim shirt and white blazer

Glam up the denim shirt and jeans look with a white blazer and a statment necklace

The common problem of denim on denim look is that it usually looks far from stylish. It’s like wearing jeans with even older jeans that you turned into a top or a vest. You have to be careful as to choosing what types of denim go together and what to combine them with. It’s always important to break the look with something neutral or more glamorours, like the white blazer above.

Denim overalls

Denim overalls will look much more stylish with the heels

Overalls aren’t the most flattering piece of clothing out there but they can look stylish when worn and stylized right. Sure you can go casual and rock them with Converse shoes or sneakers, a torn T-shirt or a loose crop top. And that will work. But if you want to look both stylish and like you’ve put some effort into looking good, heels are your option. Somehow they effortlessly make you look like you’re trying.

Denim jacket and jeans

Jacket and jeans contrast nicely with a neutral sweater and nude pointed shoes

Let’s be honest denim jackets are wacky. They are hard to pull off. But if you break up the denim on denim outfit like it’s done here, suddenly it doesn’t matter that the jacket is made of denim or looks outdated.

Denim vest and jeans

Denim vest and converse shoes make a great base for a sport-y look

Vests are the same. They aren’t exactly versatile when it comes to putting outfits together but with a bit of practice you can find ways for them to work. What I like about the look above is that it combines a denim vest with a white shirt, which is unexpected given the ripped jeans and the Converse shoes.

Olivia Palermo denim shirt and skirt

Olivia Palermo rocks denim shirt and skirt like a pro fashionista she is

Finally, the skirts I hate. Denim skirts never appealed to me in any way. But I must admit, if you can wear denim, you can wear anything. Even a denim skirt. Olivia Palermo does it flawlessly here although I’m not crazy about that bag.

What do you think? Do you like denim on denim look?

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