8 Cool Ways To Sport A Summer Scarf

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Lace skirt, white top and embroidered scarf
Lace skirt, white top and embroidered scarf
Some people consider scarves as a purely fall/winter accessory and thus underestimate its actual role. It is no longer just a piece of fabric that is meant to keep us warm and cozy. Today one can come up with a thousand of ways to wear this item and I can guarantee that not even one third of them would be for safety reasons only. Due to its growing popularity, designers and retail shops offer a wide range of available designs, styles, palettes and textures – everything we need to have a decent choice. And of course it is a very rare case when a lady has just one scarf in her wardrobe. If you are a big fan of this accessory and would like to learn more about how to wear it with your summer outfits, then scroll down and check out our striking collection of street looks.

How To Style Your Summer Outfit With A Scarf

Here is a very engaging and cool composition that will by all means speak to you a lot. I am completely in love with the delicate style of this outfit as well as its alluring palette. A very plain yet elegant short-sleeved top in crème is paired with a high-waist midi skirt in violet lace. The very shade of the latter makes it absolutely impossible to not fall for this look, so do not even try to resist its power. The cool ensemble is complemented with a pair of nude pumps, a matching tote and an absolutely gorgeous scarf in white, purple, orange and pink.

In case you would like to wear something more casual and simple, then here is a look that would perfectly fit into your summer closet. Denim shorts are combined with a simple T-shirt in gray and a pair of gladiator sandals. Saucy sunglasses and a handbag complement the outfit, making it very regular and even cliché. And if it wasn’t for this lovely floating scarf in light purple, this look would be of no interest at all. This is an excellent example of how drastically one single item can change the whole ensemble.

Crop pants, T-shirt, white scarf and wide-brimmed hat
Crop pants, T-shirt, white scarf and wide-brimmed hat
I have absolutely no doubt that you will adore this particular look. There is so much elegance and high fashion in it, that there is no point in listing all its advantages. Once you take a glance at this ensemble, you won’t need any words to realize how stunning it is. A pair of crop white pants in a baggy fit perfectly matches embellished moderate heel sandals in ecru and the loose T-shirt in iceberg gray. A wide-brimmed straw hat in beige and black along with a stylish handbag in beige and beautiful scarf in crystal white finished the look in a gorgeous way.

You can also complement your favorite dress with a saucy scarf – such a gesture will make your look more chic and sophisticated. For instance, this beautiful chiffon mini dress in white is quite stunning itself, but when it is combined with a wide fringed brown scarf in beautiful embroidery, there is no way one would not get affected by your look. A pair of rust brown suede pumps with a low heel and a Louis Vuitton signature handbag in coffee completed this combo.

If you prefer skirts to any other kind of clothing, there is a cool option for you as well. This awesome pencil skirt in sky blue looks great when combined with a very simple tank top in white and peep-toe sandals in tan suede. A pair of saucy sunglasses in brown as well as a chain handbag and lovely patterned scarf with fringe adds a finishing and very engaging touch to the ensemble. It is the color palette of the scarf that is worth to be mentioned the most: you will definitely love this combination of cream, burgundy, brown and green.

Who said we can’t wear black in summer? This is yet another stereotype that keeps us from doing what we want. Unless you are planning to roam around the city all day long at 40 degrees Celsius, you will definitely survive. In case you are attacked with any comments about the boring and unappealing nature of such a look, be ready to throw a perfect counterargument. The moment you add a colorful silk scarf in yellow, red, green, blue and white, what used to be black and boring immediately becomes a splash of color. All you need for such a magic is a pair of skinny jeans in dark blue, a black sleeveless top and matching footwear.

Fans of casual and sporty style, cheer up. You will definitely like this astonishing ensemble that is full of saucy vibe and alluring zest. A flare midi skirt in cappuccino is complemented with a light sweater in white and a pair of ecru sneakers. Black chain handbag along with trendy eyeglasses and a gorgeous scarf finish this look in a great way. It is the bright accessory that makes the most difference: delicate fabric in coral pink, khaki, cream and charcoal features mixed texture and cute butterfly print.

Lastly, here is a very exquisite and cool outfit. This adorable long-sleeved dress in white lace is styled in a very unique way here. We are surely used to checking out outfits like this one, but normally it is about high heels and some extensive jewelry that we spot. In this particular case you are going to be very much surprised, as the lovely frock is paired with flat gladiator sandals in pistachio green, a matching scarf and a reptile printed clutch.

What do you think about these awesome looks? Would you like to add a cool scarf to your summer wardrobe now?

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