Airport Fashion: What To Wear When Travelling

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Super stylish travel look
Super stylish travel look
Most of the time fashion blogs and other similar sources are filled up with information on how to dress up for some very important events, such as wedding receptions, birthday parties, proms and et cetera. However, there is very little information on how to choose clothing pieces for less formal and significant moments in our life. How come no one writes about the most appropriate outfits to sport on a visit to a doctor, for instance? Well, frankly speaking the reason is quite obvious – as such an action does not request any particular dress code. However, there are some other cases that could be featured in the fashion articles more often. This post is going to shed light on the most stylish looks that are featured in the airports and hence will provide you with great ideas that will built up your travel wardrobe.

How To Dress Up On A Flight Trip

Whereas most of the people opt for something very comfortable and casual, there are still individuals who choose to stand out from the crowd even when boarding for an airplane. If you happen to belong to this group of dedicated fashionistas, congratulations! Here is an adorable ensemble that will surely speak to you a lot and inspire you. A pair of ecru skinny jeans is combined with a lovely crop shirt in violet, a saucy mid-ankle trench coat in powder pink and trendy booties with an ethnic embellishment. A stylish hat in plum along with a chain bag in fuchsia, awesome specs with blue lenses and some very outstanding jewelry pieces complements this outfit in an excellent way. Besides, all the elements of the ensemble will make you feel cozy and great, so I see absolutely no reason why anyone would not opt for the outfit.

Elegant & feminine outfit
Elegant & feminine outfit
Some ladies prefer to look elegant and feminine all the time, even it is a flight trip that we are talking about. In case you also fell like creating the same impression, here is a cool example to follow. A gorgeous color block flare mini skirt in pink, orange and black is paired with a plain black long-sleeved top and very classy flats in beige. This outfit also seems to be very comfortable to wear on a trip, as moderate footwear and loose fit of the clothing pieces will allow one to freely move around.

One can easily rock a safari ensemble that will definitely attract a lot of attention. All you need to do is to go in for steps of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Just pair an elegant high waist pencil skirt in black with a simply designed white tank top and a denim jacket in bleached blue – and here you are with a super easy and stylish look. The moment you throw in a pair of suede sandals in camel brown and a leopard printed handbag, you immediately get a perfect safari inspired composition that will make your hours in a waiting room past like a minute – with all eyes on you and everyone around admiring your great style.

Below are some other looks that will provide you with a better idea on how one can dress up when going on a trip. Which one will you sport next time you travel?

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