Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 Collection: Handbags & Jewelry

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Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 Handbag
Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 Handbag

Aldo keeps stunning its numerous fans with more and more of the saucy pieces. Here is a set of incredibly beautiful handbags and jewelry pieces for you to feel more happy. The brand definitely knows what’s on trend and what is appreciated by ladies. This label always offers worthy items, so no doubt you will love this stylish line. Besides, when it comes to bags and accessories it is almost impossible to not fall in love with the presented items. We rarely see the collections that completely fail, and since we are talking about Aldo here, there is no way to happen so. Take a look at the lovely offerings and be patient: as far as we know the line is not available to purchase yet.

Aldo Bags & Jewelry: Pre-Spring 2014 Line

I wonder how many designers work for Aldo. To release such a diverse collection of footwear, bags, sunglasses and jewelry, there have to be a number of talented people sharing their ideas. I bet, the label hires the most creative and initiative persons, since such kind of projcets requires high-qualified employees. The pieces the fashion brand releases astound with the great style and delicious design. Whenever I spot the company’s name anywhere in the post, my heart makes a triple salto. Once you see the saucy items it released, you will get what I am talking about.

The Clutch Club line features ten handbags in various styles and colors. You will adore the stylish and elegant totes in classic black and bright blue as well as the delicate combinations of cream, light mint and powder pink. There is a super cool duffel-like bag in rust brown that features a roped handle in orange as well as zigzag pattern in  black and white.

The two messenger bags also deserve our attention. I like the bright orange one, with a zippered compartment, metal plate ans some fringe as a decorative element. This particular piece is full of spring mood, which is very useful right now. Besides, the bold shades are very trendy this season and certanily will be in spring. The second messenger bag, in black and white, represents a very classic piece. Yet, the monochrome trend is still in vogue, hence this item will rock the streets as well. Plus, it has a very engaging design, featuring large zippers and trapezoid shape.

Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 Necklace
Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 Necklace

The Jewelry line, which is called Choose Your Own Adventure, is incredibly beautiful. It offers twelve accessories designed in such a way, that you won’t be able to pass by without a breath of admiration. Nine necklaces in different styles will speak to you a lot. I am not sure which one exactly is worth dying for, as they all look very magnificent. It is mostly about chunky design with lots of beads and rhinestones. Moreover, the saucy line includes two bracelets and a pair of elegant earrings. The greatest thing about the jewelry collection is that you can actually pair the items up and create solid looks. Or else, mix all the styles together and opt for a very individualistic ensemble.

Aldo Pre-Spring 2014 collection of handbags and jewelry is worth being checked out. All the presented items are full of artistic approach and great love for the customers. If a brand didn’t care about its consumers, why would it release such a mindblowing line? Browse through the gallery to see more of Aldo creations and share with us on your favorite piece.

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