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ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 Collection
ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

ALDO… I am in a deep love with this word. It carries so much of the divine meaning that I can barely resist to make it a blessing. Just imagine, how would it sound if, say, instead of wishing Bless You I said ALDO You? Of course, most people around wouldn’t really get me, but it’s not such a big deal. After all, people tend to grasp only ten percent of what they are told. But the true fashionistas – those who appreciate the great design, excellent quality and affordable prices, would definitely be on my side. ALDO is more than just a brand. It is a combination of care and love for customers, creative approach of the designers and impeccability of the materials. And here is another evidence to it. Take a look at ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 collection below.

Gorgeous Shoes in ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 Collection

ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 collection includes four lines: Ladies Night, Sport Authority, Basic Instinct, and The LHB. Ladies Night deals with classic pumps in adorable styles and saucy shades. Sport Authority, as some of you might have guessed, offers sport-inspired items, such as stacked heels and platforms. Basic Instinct shows off “a basic shoe in sexy black and bone hues with spring’s myriad of bright and bold trends”. And, finally, The LHB is about stylish booties with little heels that are super comfortbale to wear in the city.

The whole collection is so adorable that it is hard to choose one single item. I, personally,  would like to purchase more than one piece for sure. Plus, they are all so different that you don’t have to worry about keeping the similar items in your footwear collection. Besides, ALDO offers some great color combinations which will fully eliminate the possibility of one-shoe image.

The greatest thing about this line is that every single lady can find something that would speak to her. Whereas most labels release one-themed collections, ALDO didn’t stick to one style. Instead it designed four sets of mind-blowing footwear pieces to make out lives brighter and much more simple.

Imagine that you constantly run out of time, but desperately need to upgrade you shoe collection. Looking at the myriad of the shoe shops in one of the shopping malls, your mood becomes worse and worse. Choosing a pair of comfy and pretty shoes has never been an easy task, not to mention about several pairs. But there is a brilliant solution to this problem. I am more than sure that if you approach ALDO consultant, you will get tons of variants from the newest collection.

Too bad it is not available yet, othetwise I would already start to invade the closest department. However, this might be a good thing, since we will have enough time to carefully consider all the variants and decide on the final list of shoes-to-buy. No matter what exactly you fall in love with, don’t even hesitate to fight for the desirable pair. With ALDO shoes it might easily happen that the piece of your dream is grabbed by another fashionista right before your face.

ALDO Pre-Spring 2014 collection, as always, is magnificent. Although it is not time to think about sandals and pumps yet, I found myself dreaming about the fantastic line. I tried on every single piece in my mind and even changed the outfits for certain shoes. All of the looks my imagination drew wouldn’t be half as trendy and fabulous as they were, if it wasn’t for ALDO masterpieces. Take a look at the gallery and choose your favorite shoes!

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