Alessandra Ambrosio Designs For Planet Blue

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Alessandra Ambrosio Designs For Planet Blue
Alessandra Ambrosio Designs For Planet Blue

Alessandra Ambrosio is one of the most famous super models today. This stunning lady went beyond the modeling career though and designed a limited collection for one of the brands. Planet Blue was by all means the luckiest brand to collaborate with the stunner. Alessandra came up with adorable outfits that can compete even with some of the high-end fashion houses. This is not surprising at all, as the stunner has been involved in the fashion industry for quite a while. To conclude, the line appears to be very fascinating, so let’s not waste any single minute anymore. Read on to find out more about the stylish collection.

Planet Blue Limited Collection Designed by Alessandra Ambrosio

Of course it was the beautiful model herself who showed off the saucy pieces. I doubt that Alessandra would allow anyone else to fulfill such an important mission. The beauty poses against natural backdrops in a set of the most fabulous images featuring loveliest designs ever.

The lookbook releases a whole range of outfits that are full of bohemian touch. As this style is considered to be one of the trendiest ones today, it is of no surprise that Ambrosio saturated her clothing pieces with the boho zest.

I have no doubt that all the model’s fans will fall in love with the glorious items. Yet, even if you are not obsessed with the Brazilian babe, it is quite hard to stay untouched with this gorgeous line. You will spot airy dresses, high-waisted shorts, adorable tunics, off-shoulder tops, skirts with ethnic motifs, and a whole bunch of accessories. Browse through the gallery to see the full collection of Planet Blue designed by Alessandra Ambrosio.

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