Belinda Earl Unveils Her First Collection For Marks & Spencer

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New style director of Marks & Spencer, who formerly was a part of Debenhams and Jaeger, Belinda Earl has presented her first collection for M&S. The collection is very versatile featuring lots of outerwear, street-inspired looks, as well as many elegant gown options. Let’s examine the latest collection by British high street fashion brand, Marks&Spencer.

M&S Latest Lookbook By Belinda Earl

New M&S Campaign

First Collection By Belinda Earl For Marks&Spencer

Belinda Earl has joined Marks&Spencer in late 2012, September to be precise, and just recently her first collection has resurfaced. Well, the latest lookbook is rather controversial having a bit of everything packed tight, but there are some highlights that cannot go unnoticed. First of all there are gorgeous elegant gowns, with lots of black and red hues. The dresses highlight the feminine silhouette perfectly, while being very refined and natural.

In creating this collection, Earl has mentioned that they spent a lot of time asking people around what they wanted and a result was rather predictable:

What they want is the quality back and the trends interpreted to fit and flatter them; they want to look their best.

Apart from the elegance there was also street style involved in the project to target younger audience. We see animal prints, checkered patterns and lots of floral prints, along with classy beige and red colors. There is also a place for leather in this collection, including amazing oxblood jacket.

The things that M&S changed to make it up for their customers were refined fabrics, lots of details and of course never forgotten classics. New updated M&S now looks up to the customers who are 45, but they also target 35 +. Well, no doubt that the rumored salary of £1 million, which Belinda Earl has been given, should pay off.  Pretty soon we shall start seeing the classy elegant pieces from Marks&Spencer.

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