Belted Fashion: 15 Awesome Looks To Inspire You

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Monochrome outfit and a massive belt with a gold buckle
Monochrome outfit and a massive belt with a gold buckle
A lot of people tend to underestimate the role of accessories when creating their looks. However, this is a huge mistake, as the latter can literally make a trendy outfit out of nothing. If you have any doubts about this statement, I can assure you that you will have zero left after you get familiarized with the content of this post. What I suggest that we focus on today is going to cover one of the most essential accessories for both men and women – a belt. This small piece is capable of completely changing the ensemble, as sometimes a thin strap of leather is the only thing one needs to add in order to complete the look. Therefore, let’s not lose any minute and enjoy the saucy outfits featuring a belt. I can guarantee that you will receive lots of inspiration to create impeccable summer looks of your own

15 Gorgeous Ways To Wear A Belt This Summer

A simple and very elegant look can be easily transformed into a super alluring and incredibly stylish outfit in one single step. In case you combine a sleeveless button-up top in cream with a high waist black flare skirt featuring an asymmetrical hem and find that something is missing, there is a very easy way to resolve this problem in one second. Just add a thick black belt with a massive square buckle in gold and you won’t believe your eyes: the impression this composition creates is completely different now. If you complement this saucy ensemble with a pair of exquisite pumps in black and white, trendy sunglasses and an elegant watch in red, you are most likely to be the queen of any event that you attend.

There are other cases when a belt plays a slightly different role. For instance, if you happen to create a very bright and engaging look and are in a search for something that would somehow offset its vibrance, then the rightest way to do so would be to style your ensemble with an elegant and moderately designed belt. And here comes a perfect example to prove my words. A beautiful navy tunic with short sleeves and a V-neckline is complemented with a see-through chiffon skirt in alluring green, whereas a printed scarf in white, emerald, burgundy and violet is rocked along one side of the shirt. To secure the scarf in place as well as to match the sauciest footwear in black and tan, the fashionista sported a superb leather belt in black.

Most of the time we wear belts with all kinds of pants and jeans, so no wonder that such a look is featured in our collection as well.This pair of flare denims in deep blue is perfectly complemented by a plain T-shirt in gray and high heels in beige. However, the combo would look quite cliché if not boring, if it wasn’t for the adorable accessories that style this ensemble. A super saucy clutch in rust with weaved texture and a sleek thick leather belt in a matching shade fit into the image in a gorgeous way. One does not even need any jewelry pieces to finish this look. As it is already quite sufficient the way it is.

Boho styled look and a gold belt
Boho styled look and a gold belt
Boho style is always something that can add a mysterious touch to the image of any lady. And mysteries are the best way to attract more attention, aren’t they? This adorable full skirt with a high waist and one of the most engaging prints looks more than appealing and intriguing, so do not even hesitate to add something like this to your own collection. A beautiful long-sleeved shirt in cream also features quite an alluring design, which definitely strengthens one’s affection for this ensemble. The black and white embroidery along the front part of the V-neckline shirt sets off the ecru sleeves and the vibrant surface of the skirt. To make this outfit even more irresistible and mind-blowing, the fashionista added a bright and glossy belt in gold, a pair of super exquisite ankle straps in silver and a multi-layered bead bracelet with an ethnic touch. Although it is a common rule that we are not supposed to mix gold and silver pieces in one look, this case completely proves it wrong: you are not likely to find anyone who could argue the charm and appeal of this composition. Feel free to rock on to a party or just during a walk along the seaside – in either cases you will look more than appropriate.

Browse through the gallery below to see more of the saucy and engaging ways to style your summer look with a belt.

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