Best Prom Dresses 2015: Ball Gowns

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Elegant bustier gown in ivory
Elegant bustier gown in ivory
A lot of girls now are in a search of a perfect prom dress to rock on an incredibly important day. No wonder – this is one of the first events that bring such a drastic change in any person’s life. We become so much mature and independent just in a span of a few seconds and most of us simply do not realize this fact. Whereas our parents do their best to slow down this process, we – on the contrary – try to speed it up. And one thing that reflects it in the best way is the way we dress up for this fun night. As this is normally a very effort-consuming and long-lasting process, it is much more reasonable to familiarize yourself with the most striking options beforehand. And today’s post will be dedicated to a stunning collection of ball gowns that will take your breath away.

8 Magnificent Ball Gowns To Become A Queen Of Prom

If you would like to go for an extremely elegant and fascinating outfit, then this is what you should definitely consider as an option. I am sure that all of you will fall in love with this adorable gown in delicate ivory with a violet glimpse. There is no way one can possibly resist the way this beautiful number stresses one’s grace and sensuality. The strapless bustier bodice is complemented with soft fabric and floor-length flare skirt. You will totally rock your party, so it makes sense to opt for this item.

In case you feel like sporting something more alluring and bright, then you will love this marvelous corset gown in deep burgundy. Just one mere fact that it is show-cased by Naomi Campbell already makes it a worthy piece to try on. The super skimming bustier stresses the voluptuous curves of the model, while the embellished fabric glimmers and attracts thousands of eyes. This is a great number for those of you who are not afraid of standing out from the crowd.

Black and fuchsia always make up a perfect combo. These two colors manage to create such astonishing looks that probably they should be nominated for matching each other in the best way. The strapless fit is paired up with a very regular floor-length skirt with a small tail. Black embellished lace covers up a thin layer of fabric atlas – which all together draw gorgeous images on my mind.

Black and silver is another color decision that you can try out. Generally, the less silver you have, the better it is. However, the outcome may vary from time to time. In this particular case we are talking about a short-sleeved gown with a massive and floor-reaching skirt – which will also create a very striking picture of you.

Carrot red gown
Carrot red gown
Carrot red is another shade that can blow our minds away, the moment we spot a clothing piece in this shade. The deep skirt is something that makes it super hat to resist the great appeal and high temptation. This is a dress which you can wear with any jewelry dress possible.

Light beige and gold create a winning image which is also worth trying on. In case you are in love with embellishing designs and rare silhouettes, then I am sure you will be mesmerized by the adorable charm and outstanding style that such items feature. A semi-colored floor length skirt is combined with sheer A-fit skirt in embroidered organza.

Colorful florals also look very engaging and alluring, especially when they adorn such a cool long-sleeved dress with a floor-reaching skirt. It is the design of the piece that makes it such an astonishing number to rock, as pink, beige, white and yellow turn out to be a great combination.Do not even hesitate, when it comes to such a lovely dress. You will be able to sport it on any other occasion possible, so why not to make this one-time yet long-lasting contribution.

Black tulle embroidered and embellished looks very sophisticated and engaging, whereas the short sleeves, sheer bodice and moderate skirt add up to a very regular image. You will win in a Queen of Drama nomination with such a number stressing your appealing curves. Besides, of all the presented options this one is the most modest: the thick beige under-skirt is combined with a lighter fabric to build up a more solid and strong look overall.

What do you think of this superior set of ball gowns? Would you wear any of them?

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