Celia Birtwell Designs Collection for Uniqlo

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Uniqlo and Birtwell Collection

Finally we have an opportunity to take a sneak peek at the long-expected collection of clothing and accessories, which is the result of collaboration between UNIQLO and Celia Birtwell. The collection includes a myriad of items such as dresses, cropped trousers, shorts, scarves and bags, which feature Celia Birtwell’s signature prints, which made her famous.

Birtwell commented on the collaboration:

Uniqlo has grown over the years for me. I’ve always thought that they are very good at doing men’s basics and at designing simple shapes. We had a very peaceful initial meeting, which was very appealing. I did think though, ‘They could really do with a good print.’ And that’s how it began.

Uniqlo started showing an interest in Celia Birtwell since it first saw the results of her collaboration with another high street brand Topshop back in 2006. The collaboration started out with the T-shirt range only that expanded into the full-scale project.

Uniqlo and Birtwell Bags Collection

Uniqlo and Birtwell’s partnership started out with Birtwell demonstrating her archive and the range of the latest designs. Luckily the both parties had the same views about collaboration and the use of Birtwell’s prints, what resulted in this striking collection. Birtwell expects this collection to attract a new audience to her creations:

It’s very young and fresh. There’s an accent of youth and something for every generation. There’s understated prints and bolder ones, I hope it will cater for a broad range of people, in the same way my Topshop line did.

Birtwell acquired popularity back in the 60’s when she started working as a textile designer with her ex-husband Ossie Clark. Their creations were highly popular among the celebrities of that period including Jimmy Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Twiggy and Marianne Faithful. Besides the bold prints from the 60’s, this range of clothing and accessories also adopts perhaps the most appealing aspect from that era- inexpensive prices.

Uniqlo and Celia Birtwell Collection


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