Charlotte Olympia Pre-Fall 2013 Hollywood Collection

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Popcorn clutch
Popcorn clutch

Hollywood is a sweet word that you want to chew on forever. It is a magnificent and mesmerizing place that attracts a lot of people, who truly belive in their dream. Hollywood means success, fame, and luxury and anything affiliated with it carries the same message. This must have been what inspired Charlotte Olympia for her new line of accessories and shoes. Pre-fall 2013 collection takes you back to the times of Old Hollywood, chic and elegant in its shine. Since you were not even planned back then, let me invite you to an exciting tour around La-La Land with gorgeous shoes and clutches by Charlotte Olympia.

Charlotte Olympia Pre-Fall 2013 Collection To Bring Back Old Hollywood Memories

The British label has opened a new store in Beverly Hills and launched a Hollywood collection that is hard to not fall in love with. All the pieces will blow your mind right away and make it hard to decide on your favorite one. Well, what’s the point of choosing just one single item, if you can adore all of them? Each one of those clutches with a unique design and style has a story to tell and memories to arouse. And plus the collection is very informative. In case you were not familiar with Rita Hayworth, Louise Brooks, and Joan Crawford, now it is time to get to know this silver-screen divas. Can you imagine what a shame it will be, if anyone makes a comment on your lovely flats with a portrait of one of them and you have nothing to say back?

The brand’s founder and designer, Charlotte Dellal used as much of Tinseltown’s heritage as she could and the result won’t disappoint anyone. Famous Hollywood landmarks are featured in a Walk of Fame clutch and Hollywood wedge sandals. Hollywood theatre marquees are reincarnated in a beautiful silver minaudiere incrusted with crystals. Any of those will be an excellent choice for someone who has always dreamed of becoming a movie star – one step closer to the fabulous wish.

Film ankle strap sandals
Film ankle strap sandals

Motion Picture, Hollywood, Solver Screen, Movieland – these vintage magazines also served as inspiration for Dellal. Stunning clutches in different shapes and sizes picture covers of this editions, giving us a hint about what fashionistas of those times were obsessed with. But if magazine handbags are something we have already seen, there is one piece in the collection that no mortal ever saw. A popcorn-bag-shaped clutch with a long chain – can you feel your mouths water? I can, for this is a bag that will kill two birds with one stone – I love both crunching on popcorn and wandering around with exclusive items.

Sandals is a must-have of any summer regardless of what the season’s trend is. Charlotte Olympia sandals with a film strip as an ankle strap will give you both an easy feeling and a saucy look. Sky-high heels stun and tempt with an opportunity to be picked up from the ground by some handsome stranger. Is there a need to add anything else to determine you that this is what you need?

Charlotte Olympia Pre-Fall 2013 collection has something for each of you to crave and dream of. No matter what your new obsession will be, stick to it and don’t give up until you get what you long for. The gallery offers you some more reasons to love Charlotte Olympia and Hollywood!

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