Collection by Colla Haynes and Comptoir des Cotonniers

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Comptoir des Cotonniers and Colla Haynes Collection
Dress by Comptoir des Cotonniers and Colla Haynes

When the rumors about the upcoming collaboration of Calla Haynes with Paris-based Comptoir des Cotonniers were in the air, a lot of fashionistas couldn’t wait to see the result and now we have a chance to take a glimpse at the capsule collection. This collection oozes the signature French chic in the best possible way owing to the floral prints and feminine silhouettes that made it utterly delicate and chic. This collection will be available for sale starting from May 2.

It is not the first collaboration of Colla Haynes with clothing brands, but probably the biggest one. After teaming up with April 77, Bruno Pieter’s Honest By project, she decided to work with Comptoir des Cotonniers since it is a well-known and reputable clothing brand.

Haynes wanted to create an ideal wardrobe for the young girl to wear during summer vacations or while visiting her grandparents in the French village. Garments from the collection are lightweight and breezy and are perfect for wearing to café, taking a stroll, riding a bike or to wear for picnic. It offers the basic garments that should be in the summer wardrobe of any girl such as plain t-shirts, denims and bustier dresses.

Comptoir des Cotonniers and Colla Haynes Collection
Trouser Ensemble by Comptoir des Cotonniers and Colla Haynes

Haynes commented on the collaboration with Comptoir des Cotonniers:

Comptoir des Cotonniers were very accommodating and really let me express myself. I proposed a floral print because, well, I know it’s a little more commercial than some of the artsier things I do—but I was happy to do it.

By the way, it was not a typical florals, instead the designer made an accent on the hydrangea print that was layered with brushstroke texture, which made it look like an abstract digital print. The hardest part about the floral print and quite a technical challenge was creating a peplum top and cocktail dress with the largescale wine red flowers, but it came out well.

Looking for the delicate and utterly feminine garments for summer? This Colla Haynes and Comptoir des Cotonniers collection brings an array of the elegant clothing intended to highlight your brittleness and purity.

Colla Haynes and Comptoir des Cotonniers Fashion Collection

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