Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 Campaign

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Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 campaign
Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 campaign

There are people who love black color no matter what. I used to not really understand such an affection, especially with so many choices available. But tastes do differ and no one has a right to argue or question one’s preferences. So I tried to look at it from a different side and come up with advantages of this dark shade. First of all, it is the most functional color of all the ones that exist. From a pragmatic point of view, you can do whatever you are up to, when donning a black outfit. No need to check the bench for dust or worry about the food cramples leaving traces on your dress. Secondly, black is considered to be super elegant. It is also good for disguising at night, when you are spying on your boyfriend. Plus, black color visually makes you look thinner, which is the survival goal number one of many ladies. In other words, this color has plenty of positive sides. If you get tempted by what it offers, check out Fall 2013 campaign by Diesel Balck Gold and choose your favorite piece in black.

Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 Campaign

Diesel Black Gold tapped Kasia Struss for Fall 2013 ad campaign. The Polish model was lensed by Kevin Sinclair. The beauty rocked a number of super trendy and stylish outfits, all in black. Andreas Melbostad directed the photoshoot, whereas Valery Gherman took care of hair and make-up of the model.

The campaign has an obvious punk zest with grunge touch. A maxi leather jacket with studs looks totally astonishing. I love the unexpected length as well as the belt and zippers on the sleeves. A shorter variaton of this jacket is also available.

There is a pair of matching pants in leather with studs that is very punk. I wouldn’t wear the two pieces together though, for it would be way too much. What the campaign’s stylist offers here speaks to me a lot. A blazer with double pockets over a mesh shirt complements the saucy pants and along with elegant pumps and a tiny clutch creates a very appealing look.

Browse through the gallery to see more photos of Diesel Black Gold Fall 2013 campaign.

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