Eccentric NK Fall 2013 Campaign

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NK Fall 2013 campaign
NK Fall 2013 campaign

Every person, at some point of his lifetime, has considered himself to act in a weird way. As it usually happens, such a period comes to an end and we no longer keep any memories of it. But for some people being eccentric is a life style. It is a way to express their inner ego and show all the creativity they owe to the world. I agree, these individuals are rarely accepted by the community, but to be honest, I feel jealous of them. At least, they have enough courage to be themselves. This rather philosophical introduction has to do with the ad campaign I have bumped into. NK, the Swedish brand, showcased so much eccentricity that I was unable to deal with the flow of my thoughts.

NK Fall 2013 Campaign: Bizarre & Fascinating 

Vika Volkute stars in this unique campaign. I have to admit, it is mostly due to her that the photos look so peculiar and crazy. The way she poses makes me think she is a real freak. I am pretty sure she is not and this indicates how proffesional and talented she is. Peter Gehrke lensed the beauty, while Naomi Itkes styled the looks.

NK is a Swediah fashion retailer. This is just a tiny bit to get acquainted with the brand:

When Josef Sachs founded Nordiska Kompaniet in 1902, his ambition was to create a commercial and cultural theater. Still the aim is to be a stage for the present and to offer our customers the most inspiring environment for shopping and experiences.

Well, when you come up with an ad campaign like this one, you definitely have a goal to create “inspiring environment”. It depends on what your inspiration is about though.

The Lithuanian model sports a range of so oddly combined clothing pieces, that my mind can’t process the compatibility of them all in once. With the second glance, when my eyes were not struck by shock anymore, I actually started to like the photoshoot. Mismatching tights over the heels, a bunch of random pumps in Vika’s hands, several layers of different coats, a stack of masculine hats on the model’s precious head, oversized pants in a dalmatian print: these make just a small part of what NK offer in the campaign.

Check out the gallery to get totally overwhelmed by the eccentric style of NK Fall 2013 campaign!

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