Effortless and Chic Massimo Dutti March 2013 Lookbook

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Effortless Style in Massimo Dutti March 2013 Lookbook

One thing is certain- Massimo Dutti clothing brand knows exactly the clothes demands of the contemporary women. The latest Massimo Dutti March 2013 lookbook doesn’t step away from the brand’s philosophy as it brings us the trendy garments with the elegant, but yet effortless feel that together work great. Including the timeless and versatile garments for the everyday wear, this collection is a true godsend for the women that adhere to the cosmopolitan style of life.

There couldn’t be such a thing as too much of Massimo Dutti style. We already got used to the brand’s signature style, which is distinguished with the minimalistic design and versatile silhouettes that are always in vogue and this March 2013 lookbook was not an exception. Keeping up with the brand’s fashion philosophy, this lookbook delivers the garments in the subdued palette like black, white, cream, camel, brown and navy blue that look stylish when worn together, especially in the combination with the sophisticated patterns.

Effortless Style in Massimo Dutti March 2013 Lookbook

Just like always, the garments in this March 2013 lookbook by Massimo Dutti cannot boast the variety of details and patterns. Following the principle “Less is more”, the lookbook demonstrates the effortless looks that are composed of the skinny pants and lightweight sweatshirts, shorts and trendy blazers, tuxedo-like blazers and white trousers. In addition, one can find the chic leather jackets and parkas, lightweight dresses for summer and of course jeans.

As for the accessories, this time the designers styled the looks with the must-have accessories for the spring summer period including the bags, hat, sunglasses, platform sandals, slippers and belts.

Effortless Style in Massimo Dutti March 2013 Lookbook

Massimo Dutti March 2013 Lookbook

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