Elegant and Playful Lulu’s Fall 2013 Collection

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Lulu's Fall 2013 Collection
Lulu’s Fall 2013 collection

I love it when a gorgeous styling of the clothing pieces is combined with the impeccable design of those. And, especially, when the collection is presented the way LuLu’s played with its Fall 2013 campaign, I can hardly find any strength to not fall for the featured items. Do I really need to constrain myself, if it is all about fashion and beauty?

Lulu’s Fall 2013 Collection: Exquisite and Flirty

LuLu’s is an online fashion retailer that is well-known among the fashionistas who prefer beautiful clothing pieces for quite affordable prices. What the company offers, and in particular the way it offers, makes it hard to not want those stylish items right away.

LuLu’s was founded in 1996 and ever since that continues delighting its customers and loyal fans.

 Since its inception in 1996, LuLu*s has grown from a mother-daughter dream to one of the web’s most outstanding shopping experiences. We offer a select choice of clothing, shoes and accessories. Our brands consist of emerging new designers and our buyers travel the world so that you can find a style to call your own. We buy in limited quantities as many of our items come fresh from our designers’ studios.

Fashion retailer tapped striking Daria Pleggenkuhle for the photoshoot. LA-based creative team JUCO Photo was invited to lense the beauty posing against the backdrops of a luxurious mansion.

I am in a deep love with all the outfits that Daria sported for the photoshoot. Seems like each of them was meant to deliver some kind of a story – very personal and thus so fascinating. Be it a striped blazer paired with high-waisted black shorts and white crop top or a vintage cream mini dress with flared sleeves, I personally would be happy to rock anything!

To fully understand and perhaps even share my strong affection for Lulu’s Fall 2013 collection, check out the gallery and enjoy the photos!

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