Free People December 2013 Catalogue

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Free People December 2013 Catalogue
Free People December 2013 Catalogue

I just realized that it is December… Time passes so fast that sometimes I can barely keep track of the days. Seems like we celebrated Halloween just a couple of days go and it is already time to prepare for the most spectacular night of the year. Of course we have the Christmas night before that day which is also going to be lots of fun. And even before the traditional family dinner, we have to worry about the gifts for all the relatives and friends. Plus the door decorations as well as various wall hangings. I am not even mentioning the Christmas tree that we have to decorate yet! Of course, with so many global tasks it is super easy to forget about yourslef and all the beauty procedures you usually do. Or give up on your wardrobe and wear the outfits you happen to pull out from the closet. So, take a look at Free People’s latest lookbook and get some ideas.

Free People: The Cabin Catalogue

There is one thing I need to clarify before you check out the whole collection. These particular outfits are not quite appropriate to wear in December. To me, they are more applicable to the cool days of April than to the snowy and windy routine. However, if you are planning to spend your holiday somewhere in the tropics, then this line will definitely speak to you.

Noot Seear and Jacques Naude starred in the newest photoshooot for Free People. Guy Aroch lensed the two who pretended to be lovers hiding in the forest cabin. I like the idea a lot, as it is always nice to have some touch of nature in the lookbook. Especially when it is all white and frosty outside, the scene of green leaves and seashore is exactly what can heal our frozen souls.

The images were shot at the picturesque location in Maine. This is what FP Brigette, one of the bloggers, shared on the photoshoot:

I was lucky enough to attend the last day of the shoot, and let me tell you, it was a magical experience. Noot and Jacques were incredibly dreamy together, and I will never forget the moment that butterfly landed on Noot’s face, seen above. We all watched in awe as it climbed right up her forehead, where it rested for a moment. Pure beauty!

Deanna Hagan worked hard on Noot’s make-up and hair, and how do you like the result? The girl looks as if she has nothing on her face and didn’t spend a single minute on her waves. But we know how much time and efforts it usually takes to create such an effect.

I adore all the outfits presenetd in the lookbook, but there is a specific one which speaks to me the most. A loose sweatshirt in coral pink with white styling along the sleeves goes along with the bleached denim shorts. The pair of high socks in beige complement the hippie look, whereas the floral headwear piece creates an impression of spring, which is so desirable now.

Noot looks lovely in all the outfits she demonstrated during the photoshoot. She is one of the few models who own this unique beauty. Her natural charm and delicate features add a lot of tenderness to the lookbook, making one want to stare at the photos again and again. Check out the gallery to see more of the stylish outfits and rememeber: unless you are going to the warm lands, you better save the stylish pieces for higher temperatures.

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