Free People vs Aldo Holiday 2013 Campaign

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Aldo Holiday 2013 Campaign
Aldo Holiday 2013 Campaign

Here is another fashion battle. The two brands, following the example of other labels, released Holiday 2013 campaigns. The ads are styled in a different way, feature different outfits and tap different models. Yet, there is one common feature that they both share. It is about awesome fashion. The two companies are well-known around the world and among the fashionistas. It will be pretty hard to compare the two photoshoots, however I rely  on your opinion here. You are the ones to make the final judgement. So take a look at both Aldo and Free People ads and draw your conclusions!

Aldo 2013 Holiday Campaign & Free People Christmas 2013 Ads

Aldo is the brand well known for the magnificent collections of shoes, handbags and other accessories it releases. There is barely any more or less fashionable girl who  doesn’t have an Aldo piece in her collection. Which is not surprising. Today it is super hard to find an item that would have both good quality and down-to-earth price tag. Unless your father is a billioner, you have to search hard for such pieces. And this is exactly where Aldo gives a hand with your shopping search. The footwear pieces by the Canadian label astound with great style and perfect design. Besides,  those high heels that you happen to love so much (just like I do) don’t feel like high heels at all, when it comes to Aldo. It is very comfy to walk around in super stylish outfits complemented by a pair of scyscraping pumps without this threat to fall down.

For Holiday 2013 campaign the brand, as it usually does, tapped several models. Jourdan Dunn, Ming Xi, Jessica Stam and Lily Donaldson all stun in a series of photos lensed by Terry Richardson. It is great to have one concept that travels through all of your photoshoots, but isn’t it a bit boring? I mean, when the companies share their campaigns, we always look forward to something new and engaging. However, with Aldo ads it seems like they are all the same. Probably, if it wasn’t for this Give Me Aldo slogan, the impression would be different. 

Holiday 2013 Campaign
Holiday 2013 Campaign

Free People chose Charlotte Kemp Muhl to star in Christmas 2013 ads. The brunette looks adorable in all the looks, no matter what she is demonstrating. Anthony Nocella shot the model posing against various backgrounds, from the decayed wall and the whitened ground outside to the wooden stool in a room. What I liked the most about the campaign is the way Charlotte’s hair is done. These messy waves fit her a lot as well as create this effortless and very relaxed image.

Here you will mostly spot the stunner fooling around with what seems to be her favorite hat in black. This also creates a certain kind of mystery, as if the girl was trying to escape from someone and hide her identity behind the brims of the piece. The other accessories such as chunky necklaces, chokers, earrings, and lockets perfectly style the looks. The model’s make-up deserves a lot of attention too. The sparkling eyeshadows in gold seem to be the main highlight of the looks, while the overall impression is very natural.

Both Aldo and Free People campaigns have a goal to create the holiday mood and give you some inspiration for the coming big days. While Free People mostly focuses on accessories as the main part of the play, Aldo offers some lovely footwear pieces. All the items presented by the beautiful and talented models will surely make your holidays much more exciting and marvelous! Check out the gallery and you will see what I am talking about.

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