Fur Coat: To Wear or Not To Wear?

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Fur coat
Fur coat
A fur coat is a piece of garment that creates very controversial reviews and attitudes. While some people advocate the excellence of such an outerwear piece, others – on the contrary – provide a thousand of reasons to not purchase a fur jacket. Whether to do so or not is purely your choice; however, it makes sense to first familiarize yourself with the most common arguments for and against the controversial article. Below are seven pros and cons of wearing a fur piece.

7 Pros and Cons Of Having a Fur Coat In Your Closet

The most obvious advantage of having a fur jacket in your collection is that it will keep you incredibly warm during the coldest winter days. None of the puffer jackets or any other sort of winter outerwear can compete with this item. Plus, you won’t have to put on a hundred layers beneath the jacket – a simple and light shirt will do.

A fur jacket is believed to endow the owner with a prestigious status; so if you feel like gaining a certain kind of attitude and respect, this is your lucky ticket. People tend to rank those covered with luxurious and exquisite fur on a rather high level – in a way it may be an obstacle, when you, for instance, want to reveal the true attitude of your surrounding. In all the other case, feel free to add a fur masterpiece into your collection.

A fur garment will also help you to stay on trend regardless of the current fashion tendencies. If you happened to notice, fur keeps it leading position in the list of the hottest winter designs for quite a long time. So there is no need to get a new piece of outerwear every single year. You can simply complement your fluffy piece with different accessories and create astonishing looks that will match the trends of a certain fashion season.

Additionally, any fur jacket will serve you for several years or even longer, which makes quite a reasonable financial investment. You can easily hand it on to your younger siblings, cousins, friends or even representatives of the next generation. There are often cases when the magnificent and adorable fur masterpiece rocked by fashionable ladies appear to be nothing more than a vintage item out of the grandma’s chest.

Meantime, if you do not possess enough money, buying a fur coat may become a very complicating issue. A decent piece of a high quality costs quite a fortune, so you may not want to spend such an extensive amount of money on a garment piece. If you try to go for less expensive alternatives, you might end up wasting your money in vain.

If you happen to be a resident of a country where liberal and democratic values are highly praised and developed, then you should watch out for the Greenpeace activists. There are a lot of cases when the bearers of a fur coat are humiliated and attacked in public. Tomato juice and colored paints won’t make either your fur jacket or yourself look more exciting. So this is a very important point to keep in mind.

It is quite hard to clean a fur jacket: you either have to study various manuals and tips or simply use the dry-clean service. The latter will also cause some decrease in your budget, as cleaning a fur jacket is quite an expensive step. By all means, such a jacket will make any of your looks more elegant and exquisite, but you also have to think about the other side of the medal. Unless you possess a large crew of assistants who are ready to do everything you request, this is a point to take into account.

These were the main and most important points about having a fur coat. Once again, it is completely up to you whether you want to add it to your collection of outerwear pieces. Just consider all the pros and cons in a careful way and make up your decision. After all, it is you who will rock this item – and who knows what it will make you feel better than you do?

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