Gala González Models Gina Tricot’s 2012 Party Collection

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Gala González Models Gina Tricot's 2012 Party Collection

Fashion blogger Gala González fronted an ad campaign for Gina Tricot’s 2012 Party Collection. Not new to modeling González recently designed a collection of shoes and accessories for Mango Touch and starred in a short film for it.

The blogger used to model for Mango and she did a great job for Gina Tricot. González showed some great party outfits including sequined dresses, leggings, and some party suits in velour and prints.

Gala González Models Gina Tricot's 2012 Party Collection

There is also an ensemble consisting of a printed side-slit skirt and a leather top accessorized with a spiked belt and a bordeaux brimmed hat. Accessories also include a spiked metallic toe pumps, hand and ear cuffs, necklaces, and matching leaopard clutch and belt.

The party dresses look great on their own but Gina Tricot offer to pair them with tops and shirts to get more interesting looks. For instance, a velour LBD here is paired with a fringe jacket and a black sequined dress with a plain long-sleeved top.

Gala González for Gina Tricot 2012 Party Collection

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