Gisele Bundchen Stars in H&M Fall 2013 Campaign

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Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is a woman with quite an impessive modeling career. She has been ranked as the world’s highest paid model seven times in a row, which might be considered as some kind of a record. I doubt anyone will be able to beat her within the next decade or even two. Well, this is not surprising at all, is it? When charming beauty and impeccable talent meet together, how can you possibly expect a result different from what we witness now? The Brazilian goddess keeps delighting millions of her fans with her new striking photoshoots and unforgettable catwalks. This time the beauty starred in H&M newest campaign and none of the photos will disappoint you.

H&M Taps Gisele Bundchen for Fall 2013 Campaign

Gisele Bundchen played a slightly different amplua this time. We all got used to admiring gorgeous photos of her wearing sexy lingerie and swimwear pieces. This photoshoot shows another side of Gisele. Not only can the 33-year-old look drop dead hot, but also does she have a softer appeal. If you hope to see the blonde featured in seductive poses, please, don’t. You won’t spot any, for she goes totally hommy in these ads.

The mother of two poses on the streets of central London in a wide range of casual outfits. The Swedish fashion brand offered such a variety of  saucy and comfortable to wear clothing pieces that it is incredibly hard to choose the most appealing one. I absolutely adore those fuzzy sweaters and turtlenecks as well as beige pants and army green skinny jeans. A whole bunch of trendy accessories complemented each of the looks and made the whole campaign even more stylish and adorable.

That navy blue military hat is the last thing I would expect Gisele to wear, but it fits her so perfectly, that now I can’t imagine anyone but her donning it. One of the images captured the blonde wearing a cute shearling vest in cream over an olive green silk blouse. But the very first thing your eyes will spot is a range of trendy metallic bracelets in gold. If it wasn’t for them, you could easily call this outfit too simple.

This is the H&M’s second collaboration with the supermodel, having posed for the Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. And, I am sure, there are many more to expect in future. Gisele Bundchen is not just a model, she is a legend, radiant and talented. And H&M Fall 2013 ad campaign is another evidence to it.

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