Guess by Marciano Spring 2014 Campaign

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Guess by Marciano Spring 2014 Campaign
Have you ever seen delicious pictures? I am not talking about the still life featuring apples and oranges. By delicious I mean those images that affect your perception and make you shiver from bottom to top. This is exactly what I felt once I saw the Guess by Marciano Spring 2014 campaign. I have no doubt that you will have the very same feeling when you check it out yourself. There is so much vigor and light in these photos that it is impossible to not fall in love with the ads. Besides, the models hypnotize you with their enchanting beauty and natural charm.

Guess by Marciano: Spring/Summer 2014 Ads

Two adorable models starred in the ads this time. Guess by Marchiano made a very wise decision by tapping Clara Alonso and Heather Depriest for their Spring/Summer 2014 campaign. The stunners look absolutely amazing adding even more chic to the photoshoot. Besides the old rule always works out: better have two heads than just one.

The fascinating images were lensed by Hunter & Gatti – another talented duo. I love the setting of the photoshoot as it offers very strong and deep images. The green bush with fuchsia pink flowers, sea beach with brown sand and crystal blue sky, palm branches and glassy surface – these backdrops perfectly fit in the campaign’s concept.

All the outfits featured in the ads have an intention to make one’s mind go crazy. Sexy, edgy, bold – these are the right adjectives to describe the ensembles. Plus, they are very summer, which makes them even more desirable. Take a look at the gallery to enjoy the beauty of  Guess by Marciano Spring 2014 Campaign. I am absolutely sure that you will love all of the stylish pieces.

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