Heinui ‘Indigo Girl’ Fall/Winter 2013

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Aspiring designer with French roots, Claire Pignot has founded her own fashion label, Heinui and released her first ever collection, entitled delicately ‘Indigo Girl’. As you can probably refer from the name, the collection is very touchy, with distinct blue hues and charming prints. Let’s review this new collection together and get to know Claire Pignot as a designer.

Heinui Fall/Winter 2013

Silk Wrap Dress With “Seabunny” Print

The ‘Indigo Girl’ fashion collection is filled with adorable prints, easy-to-wear pieces and blue color. The collection is a little bit unsettling for the cold months of Fall/Winter season, as indicated in the description. It is filled with lightweight jumpsuites, mini-dresses, midi skirts, shirtdresses and shorts.

Among other exclusive things about the collection are the adorable prints that are used in the line. For the creation of some of the prints, like for instance the one pictured above, which is called ‘Seabunny’, she worked in collaboration with Nuria R. Artuñedo, also an aspiring artist. As for materials chosen for the collection, there were lightweight chambray cotton, denim, and silk. As described by designer:

The label produces charmingly quirky, highly feminine clothes that are effortless, easy-to-wear and quietly sophisticated, subtly mixing high-end materials carefully sourced from all around the world with timeless, casual silhouettes.

If you are in love with blue tones and exquisite French influence in fashion, you are going to love the ‘Indigo girl’ collection from this recently emerged brand. As mentioned earlier the designer behind the label is Claire Pignot, who started the fashion line pretty recently. However, that is not her first fashion experience. She graduated from École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in Paris in 2004. In 2006 she moved to Barcelona and created her own label, entitled Cocotte where she had produced 6 collections. However, later on, Pignot withdrew from the fashion industry and decided to focus on custom-made wedding dresses.

Apparently, that didn’t go pretty well, because in 2013 Pignot founded a new label, Heinui. So, although she was born in France, Heinui is a Barcelona-based brand. How do you like the recent collection? Does it spark anything in you?

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