H&M By Night Trend Update

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H&M By Night Trend Update
H&M By Night Trend Update

You won’t believe me, but H&M released a trend update just a week aftre it shared it latest lookbook! I wonder where the Swedish brand gets so much inspiration, but there must be some sort of a secret. While most of the labels delight us with their updates approximately once a month, this retailer has a goal to conquer our hearts and minds forever. Well, to be honest it sort of works. If you keep checking out lookbooks by one single brand for a long period fo time, eventually you will find yourself drooling over the piece, regardless of your initial position towards the label. This time H&M catalogue is abouth the night life and its clubbing part in particular. Read on to find out what exactly H&M suggests us wearing on party occassions. I am pretty sure you will leave shortly after the eading of the post for the closest department.

Maryna Linchuk Glows in H&M By Night Lookbook 2014

The label tapped adorable Maryna Linchuk to star in the photoshoot. The beauty managed to deliver the message of the catalogue in a very explicit way. The nine looks offered by H&M go beyond any rational competition, as so far we didn’t have any brand that would offer purely party outfits.

The ensembles amaze with their complete looks and saucy touch. My favorite outfit is a cool tank top in black with a galaxy-like design paired with a mini skirt with drapings. A stylish clutch in gold and black along with the matching jewelry pieces finish the ensemble. I wouldn’t mind going to a party in such an ensemble.

Take a look at the gallery below to see the full collection of By Night images and draw your conclusions.

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