H&M Conscious Spring 2014 Campaign

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H&M Conscious Spring 2014 Campaign
H&M Conscious Spring 2014 Campaign

While a lot of activists and scientists today are obsessed with the ways to achieve sustainable development and protect our environment as much as we can, fashion brands also make input in this area. H&M, for instance, has just designed an exclusive line of clothing pieces from the sustainable materials. We are super proud of the hard work that the Swedish brand has accomplished, as contributing to the earth protection demonstrates that the label is not only concerned with the sales and marketing stuff, but also with such actual and sharp issues. Besides, the presented collection is not just a bunch of recyclable items: all the pieces feature a very gorgeous design, just like all the other lines by H&M do. Take a look at the adorable H&M Conscious Spring 2014 campaign and enjoy the sustainable beauty!

H&M Conscious Collection: Spring/Summer 2014 Ads

The sustanaible elements of the collection designed by H&M include Tencel, polyamide and hand-drawn prints. The magnificent pieces also feature Clever Care labels, which provide the cutomers with “tips for cleaning their clothes with less of an environmental impact.” This is how Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M´s Head of Design, New Development, commented on the newest line:

H&M is proud of its sustainability work. Conscious and Conscious Exclusive show the breadth of possibilities with sustainable materials, and our new Clever Care labeling lets our customers join our mission towards a more sustainable future for fashion.

The brand tapped Amber Valetta and the EVER Manifesto designers to star in the marvelous photoshoot. You will fall in love with all the outfits showcased in the campaign, as all of them are full of incredible design and very high style. Browse through the gallery below to get a better insight on what the sustainable and fashionable clothes should look like.

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