H&M Key Pieces For Spring/Summer 2014

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H&M Key Pieces Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook
H&M Key Pieces Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

New Year means new lookbooks and new campaigns. It brings new moods and goals, as well as the search for the fresh styles and compositions. I am sure everyone is busy shaping out the wardrobes for coming spring, since there are only two months left. It might seem that we have sixty long and freezing days before the first rays of the March sun are going to hit the ground. Yet, if you look at it as just eight weeks, the world wouldn’t seem to be so miserable after all. And here is another reason for you to smile. H&M released Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook, which is full of great mood and sunny weather. Read on and get your portion of inspiration.

H&M Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

Edita Vilkevicute starred in the newest lookbook. The Swedish brand was obviously inspired by her charming beauty and shining appeal. The model poses against natural background, including deep blue sky, green trees and freshly-cut grass. Is it not inspiring enough?

The lookbook is called Key Pieces – the name speaks for itself. Once you read the title, you will get the whole concept of the photoshoot right away. The items presented here and donned by Edita in such a stunning way are to take spot in your closets. Besides, they are all pretty affordable, since H&M is well known for its very democratic prices. Here is another reason to survive through the chilly winter: save money for you spring shopping entertainment.

One of the fashion bloggers Toy was very much affected by the lookbook. Which means that it speaks not only to me, but also to other fashionistas.

I do think there are some key pieces here. A lot of it is in simple sihouettes and mostly black which goes along way when mixing and matching with other garments… The oversized, cocoon shape with patch pocket is definately on trend and yellow, that eyecatching but would you invest in it?…You all know that crop tops are trending for spring but this is not a cropped top, the high waisted skirt give it the illusion of being one though and I think this is a great way to get in on the trend.

Another reader was also in deep love with all the outfits released. No wonder, there can’t be any other reaction, when you spot a lovely coat in yummy yellow or adorable flare mini skirt in black. What is the most amazing thing about the collection is the way all the pieces are styled and presented together. And of course, it is very much due to the model who managed to create such delicious looks.

[I love] the yellow coat. Wonder why it wasn’t made in Radiant Orchid? The pencil skirt is a must. There are so many DIY patterns out there for every shape, size & style. The pleated skirt reminds me of my daughters uniform skirts. So if there is a shortage in those for the next school year, I now know why. The coat really isn’t a bad piece. The structure is great. In my opinion, a different color (a nice rich jewel tone, tweed or fine herringbone detail) would be more suitable. But then again, it’s key pieces they are looking at, which is very helpful.

This was the super trendy and desirable lookbook by H&M. I am very positive that all of you fell in love with the saucy ensembles released here. Maybe not all of the outfits deserve to be called the Key Pieces, but they all for sure feature awesome design, which is the most important thing. Check out the gallery and enjoy the first glimpse of spring!

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