H&M Launched Model-Inspired Collection

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H&M New Icon Collection

H&M found a source of inspiration in famous models like Daphne Groeneveld, Joan Smalls, Liu Wen and Lindsey Wixson. Their street style served as a base for the latest collection by the popular high street brand.

Besides being an inspiration for the collection, the four models also took part in the campaign for the pre-summer collection, which will appear in stores in April. A myriad of clothing items include the blend of specific style of each model, which allows you to look like a real model without spending a fortune.
Joan Smalls commented on the collection:

The New Icon collection from H&M is very flattering and suits all of your needs. It’s super cool and for your everyday girl who wants to look great and feel comfortable at the same time. I loved the look I was wearing because it’s something I would see in the store and would want to wear.

H&M New Icon Collection

The collection consists of the basic garments like the black leather jacket, lace mini skirt, denim shorts, shirt, tunic dress, white dressy jacket with fringe, sleeveless jacket with metal embellishments as well as the footwear and jewellery pieces with urban feel. H&M offers the cool pieces that could make up the stylish and at the same time effortless outfits: for instance, layer the tunic dress with a white jacket, thigh-high boots styled with a leather necklace, cowboy hat and metal cuff – an ideal wear for attending the rock festival.

Liu Wen finds this range by H&M fabulous as well. Her particular favorite is the leather jacket, which she considers to be amazing. As for the collection in general, she said:

It really fits into my personal style and it’s something that I will definitely wear on a daily basis.

H&M New Icon Collection

Daphne Groeneveld is also happy to be the face of this H&M New Icon Collection. She finds it to be quite versatile since it allows mixing and matchig garments for creating chic and trendy looks.

New Icon Collection by H&M

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