H&M Sport Line 2014 Collection: Activewear

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H&M Sport Line 2014 Collection

We all know how important sport is in our lives. Since the school days, people around kept telling me about all the advantages that the healthy way of life brings to my body. Which is why my crazy teacher made me run tracks as if I were an athletic champion, while I was in my third grade. She was so obsessed with her occupation, that sometimes I just wished I could strangle her with the jump rope she would give me every single time. Of course, I am a bit exaggerating with my nasty thoughts, but there is some portion of truth there. Those school classes would have been fine, if I hadn’t taken other extracurricular lessons in the evenings. By the fifth grade my mom had signed me up for swimming, dancing, gymnastics, karate and even basketball. Can you imagine my days back then? So now, for obvious reasons, I have a little to do with sports. The only exception is yoga, which is more of a spiritual thing to me. However, when I spotted the new sportswear collection by H&M, I forgot about all the tortures form my childhood. I am sure, you will also get inspired by the awesome pieces that the Swedish brand offers this time!

H&M Goes Sporty: 2014 Activewear Line

I have to admit, it wasn’t only about H&M stylish pieces that I got obsessed with. The model’s perfect body made myself feel so depressed, that I even avoided the mirror for a couple of hours. Not that I look that horrible, but you should agree with me: this beauty has everything to be envy of.

I wonder how much time she devotes to the workouts, because she looks so natural in this sporty atmosphere. Seems like she was born with a jump rope in one hand and a dumb bell in another. The brand showed off only four outfits so far, but I am sure that very soon we will see more of the stylish sportswear. This is how Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Head of Design at H&M, commented on teh new line:

The new H&M Sport is so exciting, especially because of the expert input from the Swedish Olympic team. Sports and fitness are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, and the new H&M Sport is there to help everyone look and feel great.

I like two of the ensembles that were released. The first one features a pine green tank top with charcoal atlas stripes along the piece and a pair of black leggings with matching design. The outfit is very laconic yet super stylish and appealing. I can easily imagine myself jogging along the empty roads in the morning with the inspiring tracks on my playlist and the fresh air coming to my lungs.

Another look that speaks to me a lot would be more appropriate for a workout in the gym. A cream crop tank top with an orange rim perfectly goes with the zippered sweatshirt in a matching color. The leggings in light gray with a violet topping complement the saucy outfit. I bet all the guys in the gym would be mine, if I trained in such an outfit. I even came up with a couple of scenarios, where I would ask to move the heavy dumb bell, or approach for a piece of advice, or pretend that I felt sick and needed water.

As you can see, H&M Sportswear Collection brings a lot of food to think about and gets your mind quite busy. By the way, this collection was designed according to the Swedish Olympic team’s expertise. So, unless you already have a saucy outfit for the regular workouts, you ought to get one from the H&M store. Unlike many other brands, the Swedish label offers pieces that are both comfortable to wear and beautiful.

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