H&M Winter 2013 Trend Update

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Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M Winter 2013 Trend Update
Edita Vilkeviciute for H&M Winter 2013 Trend Update

I love to check out the trend updates. Once you recover from the latest updates, you have nothing to drool over. There are no outfits to admire or looks to recreate in your memory. And life becomes incredibly miserable and boring. Plus, if there are no more collections to check out, how on earth would you be able to create saucy looks for your daily life? I can’t imagine what it would be like if we had only seasonal releases from the fashion brands. It is a true nightmare to look at the new lines just four times a year, without any chance to bring in some creativity or innovative zest. Luckily, we live in the century when we have an access to almost any information immediately. So let’s use this great chance and enjoy the new H&M fashion update.

H&M Winter 2013: More Fashionable Looks

Edita Vilkeviciute stars in a stylish photoshoot for H&M’s latest collection. She showcases super saucy and trendy looks that really deserve our attention. There is one thing though that makes me wonder. Why would the brand share such outfits when it is chilly and snowy outside? I would understand if it was an Australia-based company, where winter is almost the same as summer, and vocabulary of the local people lacks words like “frost” and “freezing”. But it is Sweden that we are speaking about: they should be the ones to worry about dropping temperatures in the first place. Yet, seems like beauty is worth any sacrifice in this world.

I love the looks Edita presents. The Lithuanian model is the best choice for this campaign, as no one else would be able to demonstrate the brand’s concept and core values in such a  perfect way. She poses against a very simple background, not bothering with wandering around the streets or going absolutely crazy. The true beauty is adorable anyway.

My favorite look of this H&M 2013 trend update is an outfit in my beloved smart casual style. Actually, the whole line released by the Swedish brand consists of the ensembles that are quite possible to be donned at the working space. You have a great chance to impress your boss with high professionalism as well as enrage your colleagues. However, this is not the main point of our discussion. What I wanted to point out in the first place is an adorable outfit that Edita rocks.

Saucy skinny jeans in the coolest color ever will stress any beauty’s slender legs, whereas the classy fit will let you combine this stylish pair with practically any clothing piece from your closet. A cream shirt with long sleeves is combined with a navy jacket featuring gold buttons and styling along the rim. Both articles of clothing look awesome with the jeans as well as extremely elegant and stylish pair of black ankle straps. Although it is too cold to wear them anyway, I would still love to purchase this fashionable footwear piece and save it for spring.

H&M Winter 2013 Trend Update offers not so many looks. But unlike those labels who have quantity as their priority rather than quality, H&M rarely reveals something that is not worth the highest appraisals. Maybe this is one of the reasons we love the company so much. Still, six was not enough to create a new agenda for the shopping strategy, so we look forward to seeing more of H&M’s fabulous and delicious ensembles.

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