H&M’s Holiday Trend Guide: 10 Adorable Tips

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Joan Smalls and Hana Jirickova  for H&M’s Holiday Trend Guide
Joan Smalls and Hana Jirickova for H&M’s Holiday Trend Guide

We are about to step into the new season, with all its prepartions, snowy evenings and chilly walks. December is right around the corner, which means we have less than a month to get ready for Christmas. By getting ready I mean buying all the gifts, completing the 2013 to-do list, arranging the holiday party at some fancy place, getting new decorations and so forth. I can continue this list for quite a while, but it’s not what my intention is. The main point I would like to indicate here is that we are running out of time with such a great number of tasks to complete. Thus, we have no time for the extra things, like, for instance, forming our December wardrobe. It is not only about the holidays – we have to look gorgeous and stylish all month long. So let’s get some help from our favorite Swedish brand and enjoy the H&M Holiday Trend guide.

10 Tips to Follow by H&M:  Holiday Style Guide

H&M tappped two beauties to star in this latest photoshoot. Both ladies look amazing, as they represent some kind of multidimensional beauty, where black clashes with white. The blonde and the brunette are the two ends, which have always been in vogue. Depending on personla preferences, men express their affection for either one category of women or another. Sometimes, they are not sure about the choice, and get along with both. This is apparently what happened with H&M this time.

Joan Smalls and Hana Jirickova were chosen to demonstrate the saucy outfits by the Swedish label. All together, the update offers 10 variations, featuring various styles. Warm Red, Style Statement, Stay Warm, Premium Quality, Holiday Knits, Soft White, Silky Feel, Relaxed Styles, and Animal Prints are the titles you will spot.

Each of the presented sets is very stylish and applicable to the day wear. The main color palette of the update includes red, white, gray and black. Classic colors without any outstanding shades – yet, the outfits look magnificent. What I liked the most is that the guide offers quite a range of variants for each of the style. So one has a wide range of options, depending on the personal style and preferable looks.

My favorite set is Style Statement. It features clothing pieces in black complemented with saucy accessories, footwear and even make-up kit. The ankle-strap sandals with sparkling rhinestones are a little bit out of season, but they look so wonderful, that I can’ help adoring them. Plus, you can consider these shoes as your Christmas party choice, unless you are planning to wander around the city and have champaign out in the yard.

The trendy shirts and tops offered by H&M are styled with either gold sequins or gemstones. This is also a good option for a holiday party, as you definitely want to be spotted, no matter where you are going to celebrate. Another cool thing about these outfits is that they are all incredibly easy to match other items with. Also, black is considered to be en elegant shade, so as someone who loves elegance in all its forms, I have no right to leave this set out.

H&M’s Holiday Trend Guide presents mind-blowing combinations and worthy ideas for both your holiday closet and the office daywear. No matter what plans you have for the upcoming events, every single outfit released in this update will definitely make your time more wonderful and meaningful. Check out the gallery for more photos to get yourself familiarized with H&M’s creative offers.

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