How To Become a Shopping Guru?

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Shopping guru
Shopping guru
When it comes to shopping there is hardly that can keep us from spending our salary all at one. Especially, during the sales period – when everything looks twice as appealing as it would in any other case. As a result we end up with plenty of purchases which we do not actually need – and of course we come to figure that out only upon arrival at home. How many times have you faced with such a situation when you would rather not buy a certain piece and keep that amount of money for something else. However, most of the cases it is too late to change anything. You can of course try to hand back the product, but there is no guarantee that you will get reimbursed for it a hundred percent. Hence, it is necessary to learn how to shop in a rational and sustainable way. Below are some tips that are very easy follow – I have no doubt that once you read this post, you will become a shopping guru.

Key Steps Toward Sustainable Shopping

First of all, you need to make a list. What is it exactly that you need? Another pair of pumps, a clutch or a pair of earrings? Feel free to include anything that comes to your mind. You want to get a full picture on your wants in order to further indicate your real needs. As for now, make your list as complete as possible. Do not try to take things out at this step – you will have such an opportunity, trust me.

Next, you need to carefully look through your list and circle the most important items to buy. You will have to repeat this step until you end up with just five pieces chosen. It is crucial to choose exactly 5 items, so you will definitely have to sacrifice certain things. Once you have your fantastic five, do not hurry to get rid of the left pieces – you will make use of them as well, but later.

Now you ought to rank your five-item list basing on importance of each of the pieces. The first one obviously is to be purchased the earliest. If the things on your list are not that much expensive, you can easily afford buying them all at once. However, most of the time we tend to put quite pricey items on such a list; hence, you will have to divide your purchases in several shopping tours and complete them in one months.

All the rest pieces will make up the to-buy lists for the next several months (it all depends on how many things you have indicated in total). The list will by all means get complemented by some additional items, but at least you will have the basis to move on from.

Next, try to track sales in different store department and indicate the best time to make certain purchases. If you can wait until the product that you need is on a sale, then this would be the best way to save money. However, here one has to be very careful. There are certain items that can disappear from the store shelves quite fast, so if you decide to wait and get a discount, make sure that you go to the shop on the very first day of sales; otherwise, you might end up loosing all your chance before someone who is faster.

Once you are in a mall, do your best to stick to the list. You may afford yourself an extra purchase only if it is something small and inexpensive. Otherwise, you will have to replace it with something from your list. Try to stay focused on your needs and goals and don’t let the colorful ads and delicious pictures garb your attention.

A lot of people wonder what the best way to do shopping is – alone or in a company. Well, there is no universal answer to that question. It all depends on you and your personality. If you that kind of person who is capable of buying up the whole store if not stopped, then you better shop with a friend or family member. Or else, if you get influenced by others very easily, it is better to go for shopping all by yourself – other wise you may but something just because your friend says that it looks cool on you.

And last but not least, always keep a financial track of what you purchased. Get your self a notebook where you would keep all the records: what you bought and when as well as how much you spent. This will help you run a record on your budget in total and let you make the budget for the next month. You can also set a limit – for instance, if you spent a certain amount of money this month, you can’t spend more than that the next month and so on. You can’t imagine how helpful that is!

Now that you know all the key factors of successful and sustainable shopping, feel free to start putting these tips in life!

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