How To Choose The Right Handbag

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Summer 2015 handbags
Summer 2015 handbags
Although it is a well-known fact that a lady can have a million handbags and still seek more, sometimes it is better to have just one piece which will perfectly complement all your looks. This is definitely a complicated task, as we tend to have different clothing pieces in various prints, color combinations and textures, so it will be rather hard to find an item that one can combine with all kinds of looks. However, hard is not impossible, so let us take a chance and try to find a way to do so. Since there is absolutely no way we can rock the very same bag during winter and summer time, let’s make it a seasonal piece and search now for the most awesome and universal summer handbag.

“One Bag, A Hundred Looks” Strategy

Let me make it clear from the very beginning – such a handbag is going to cost you if not a fortune, but quite a lot. If you are planning to sport the very same bag every day (or most of the time), be aware that it has to be of a great quality; otherwise the very essence of such a strategy is being lost and you have to purchase yet another item. So before you make a final decision, please assure that you are both willing and capable of spending a large amount of money for an accessory.

Once you make up your mind, the hardest part steps in. You first need to thoroughly scrutinize your closet and decide upon your style. Although we normally have glimpses of different styles in our wardrobes, it is nonetheless one direction that sort of determines how we dress up. Therefore, I highly recommend you to spend some time and choose what exactly makes your mouth water and hands shiver, be it casual looks or extremely sophisticated outfits. In the first case, you might want to get a loose tote in some funky color (maybe with prints and some engaging embellishment), whereas in the second one it becomes quite obvious that an elegant structured piece in some moderate shade with minimum of adornment will make a perfect match. You can also go for a saucy embroidered backpack, if you are into sporty ensembles or else for an embroidered messenger bag to complement your excessive collection of hippie looks. When you draw this conclusion, it will be much easier to take into account all those teeny tiny details.

Now that you are well aware of the style, it is time to think about other aspects. One of the most significant ones is the color of your piece. And as it is summer that we are talking about, it makes sense to exclude dark shades from our list. I would go for pastels or brighter shades, as this is something that will fit into your summer closet in the greatest way. One can also go for combinations – depending once again on the style that you have chosen. Just make sure that you do not opt for neon hues, as these are the colors one can get sick of very fast and easily and hence won’y be able to rock such an item for a long time. Cliche prints such as leopard and polka dot might not be a good choice either, as such bags are quite popular among the designers and therefore can be spotted very often on the street. Try to go for unique patterns and color compositions – this way your piece will serve a better mission.

As I already mentioned, you are very free to choose embellished pieces, but there is one aspect to keep in ind. The more adornment and embroidery you have, the more catchy and bright your item is – which one can get fed up with very quickly too. So even if you opt for an adorned handbag, assure that it is not too extravagant or excessive.

When it comes to fabric of your bag, here the world is your oyster. The only comment I would make has to do with quality: if the material of the piece does not seem to be a well-produced and lasting product, then it makes no sense to go for such a piece, no matter how much you fell in love with it. Also, pay attention to the styling of your bag: how well stitches are made, how secure a ziplock is and how firm and stable handles are.

The only thing which is left now is to decide whether you would like to go for one single handbag and create various looks with it throughout the warmest season of the year. And if you ask me about advantages of such a choices, there are a plenty. You will still be able to save money, as this is going to be just one item instead of a few. You will also save time, as there is no need to fill every each of your bags with the very same content every day. Besides, you are not going to loose anything (as it often happens, when we leave certain items in one handbag). Plus, you dream bag can easily become an element of your signature style or even a talisman that always you carry around.

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