How To Choose The Right Height Of A Heel

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Breathtaking high heels
Breathtaking high heels
Heels are always great. No matter how uncomfortable they might be, we still fall for every single pair that we bump into. Of course we do not get to purchase all the ones that we liked, but we deliberately and stubbornly work in that direction. The sweetest dream of any lady would be to owe an extensive and endless collection of footwear – be it pumps, sandals or boots. However, most of the time we are guided by the way certain shoes look and not necessarily by how they feel on our feet. As a result, we end up with several (or tons) of footwear pieces that are either unbearable at all or can be tolerated for a couple of minutes only. So what is the point of rocking such shoes, if they bring no pleasure to you? I am sure many of you have faced with a dilemma, when you can’t really wear a pair, yet are fully in love with it. Scroll down, if you would like to learn more about how to not end up in this kind of a situation.

Useful Tips To Find Your Perfect Pair Of Heels

First of all, never ever believe in everything a sales assistant tells you. The key and central role of a sales representative is actually to sell the products, so the person will definitely share with you only loveliest comments on a certain item. This is exactly how it works when you request an assistant for a piece of advice. If you can’t make up your mind without an additional help, then make sure you go shopping alone – most of the time, and sometimes – accompanied by a friend.

Next important aspect to keep in mind is that any foot is unique and individual. There is no way that a certain pair of heels can provide totally the same perceptions and feedback from the side of two different customers. So just because your best friend both looks and feels well in those mind-blowing shoes, it does not mean that they will also fit you. So think twice before bying and try on several times prior to your purchase.

Also, try to tie your new pair of shoes to your wardrobe. Before setting off in a shopping tour, please review all the pairs that you already have and assure that you won’t buy the very same ones. Additionally, it is important to understand your lifestyle. What kind of clothing do you wear to the office and what you normally rock on weekend evenings. If you have just a few of dresses and skirts, and it is mostly about a footwear accessory that would actually benefit from the sales.

These were some of the most useful and key tips. The list is of course unexhaustive and can be edited any

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