How To Do Casual Chic Like a Pro

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Dressing up everyday sounds like fun, in theory, but when it comes to early mornings and on-the-go breakfasts and sometimes even lunch, it all comes down to time effeciency and comfort with clothes. At least for most people. Here is when casual chic can save the day and your appearance. The rest is totally up to you.

Casual chic ideas

If you work in a modern dynamic field chances are your office doesn’t have a strict dress code, so casual chic is a perfect choice of style for work. It’s comfortable in so many ways. Casual clothes is mostly made of fabrics that are comfy not only to wear but also care for and many a time don’t even need to be ironed.

Casual chic is all about combining a comfy look with luxe accents all the while making it all look well put together. It’s relaxed but considerate, simple but gorgeous.

Now when it comes to doing casual chic everyday like a pro you will need a quality basic wardrobe that fits you well. There has to be at least one pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, an informal blazer, and a few sets of really good hanbags and shoes. You can then make a whole range of different looks using this basic wardrobe and any new clothes. A white T-shirt and jeans may sound boring but add a leopard hanbag and a few bangles and you’re all set to rock the streets without feeling scruffy.

The key to pulling off casual chic is buying clothes that fits well and is good quality. Just because it’s a basic shirt, it doesn’t mean it should be dirt cheap. Look for good fabrics, watch out for seam quality and integrity, and invest in pieces you will wear every day. On the other hand, don’t buy too expensive white shirts as they tend to get that worn look too fast to justify their price.

With casual chic you also don’t have to try too hard. A few small accessories with your comfortable outfit and you’re all set to go. The key is to put an outfit together that will fit you well and look harmounious.

Casual Chic Ideas for Everyday

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