How To Dress Up For An Interview

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Perfect interview look
Perfect interview look
If you are currently in a job search and receive plenty (or less) of offers and invitations, then you should know what a job interview is about. This is one of the most nerve-racking types of interviews ever, as its result is correlated to your future career. Are you going to receive the offer of your dream or will you have to continue the application process? What salary will be offered on the basis of your answers. How will the relationship with your future colleagues develop? These and many other questions often are in our way when we are preparing for the big day. Apart from studying work related aspects and trying to anticipate possible queries and tricky tasks that we might face with, there is always this on-going feeling of anxiety and fear. Whereas it is impossible to completely get rid of it, one can at least try to simplify the process and secure certain aspects. For instance, a dress code: it is by no means acceptable that you undermine this factor and show up in random clothes. You ought to think over your look beforehand – thoroughly and in details. Below are some useful tips that will guide through this very crucial procedure.

Interview Dress-Code: Key Tips To Follow

Spend some time in front of the mirror trying on various ensembles. Combine different items and style them with different accessories. Eventually you will receive a perfect look to impress your potential employers; all you need to do is just to dedicate a sufficient amount of effort to it. It is a fact that those individuals who have prepared their outfits in advance and in accordance with business dress-code, happen to be more successful in their job application. Just imagine how much difference it would make, if, say, a lady showed up in a pencil skirt and button-up shirt instead of fringed chiffon dress and a leather jacket. Not only is it about looking stylish and beautiful, but also about rocking an ensemble that would fit into the common standards.

When it comes to the styling part, the most significant part is your footwear. Please bear in mind that first of all you should feel comfortable in a certain pair of shoes. If this is not the case, the success of your audition might be under question. How on earth are you planning to relax and answer all the questions, when your pumps are absolutely unbearable? Most people think that if they have to only sit during the interview, it makes no difference what exactly to embrace the feet with. It actually does – so please consider this aspect in a careful way. Besides, it also has to do with the aesthetic part – a pair of sky-scraping heels with studs would look at least inappropriate and even hilarious.

Elegant pant suit rocked by Emma Watson
Elegant pant suit rocked by Emma Watson
As for the rest of the accessories, it is worth to mention jewelry. You can easily rock a statement necklace as a part of your interview composition; however, this is possible only under one condition – if the rest of your outfit is designed in an incredibly moderate way. Otherwise youmay look as a clown and the interviewers might think that you mixed up the venue with a masquerade. Therefore, if you go for modest pieces, you are more likely to be on a safer side.

Also, do pay attention to your hairstyle. While they say that interviewers rarely take into account such “personal” aspects of your performance, this may be a decisive factor in some cases. Trust me, an elegant bun looks much more appropriate and winning than beautifully styled waves. Hair embellishment is very much welcomed, but do not overreact with it, as it might look quite distracting. If you are into various hair sprays and oils, please make sure that you do not apply an excessive amount of the liquid before the interview, as it might mix with other scents (your perfume, for examples) and create a very unpleasant image and feeling.

Make-up is as much important as your outfit. It is highly recommended that you go for a very light one – for obvious reasons. However, there are some options which can allow you to play with colors a bit. For instance, you can opt for a little bit brighter lipstick shade, just to bring in a vibrant hue and complete your overall look. Yet, one has to be super careful here and stay within the general limits and rules.

Now that you are well aware of the most important aspects to take into account when you prepare for a job interview, I can guarantee that this torture will not be that nerve-racking after all.

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