How To Rock Cartoon Print This Summer

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Snoopy printed sweatshirt
Snoopy printed sweatshirt
There are plenty of prints that one can wear and sometimes we struggle with the choice. There are some general rules of course as per what kind of print one can or can’t rock on a certain occasion, but other than that it is purely our own decision. Be it a delicate floral pattern or a classic striped one, your looks can vary depending on how you style your outfits. However, sometimes we get bored with these quite regular patterns and feel like going for something more unique and creative. If this is exactly what you are currently looking for, then this post will definitely become a great source of inspiration for you. Below are 8 cool outfits that feature the most fun and engaging print ever. Scroll down and check out the awesome looks inspired by cartoons!

8 Adorable Cartoon Inspired Outfits

Snoopy must be one of the most popular and beloved dog characters ever. If you happened to be in love with this movie back in childhood, then you ought to go for this cute shirt in black and white. The medium-length sleeves along the with the gray trim along the neckline and the black outline of the cute dog create a very engaging image and throw us back to our sweetest days. The baggy silhouette of the top allows one to complement it with any clothing piece, be it a flare mini skirt or a pair of skinny pants.

In case you are in love with Simpsons, then this the outfit you should opt for. The look is made up by a long-sleeved crop top in black and a matching high waist mini skirt. The ensemble is embellished with a very bright and cool print which will immediately remind you of the popular cartoon series. This is an outfit that will be all means make your smile broader, as it is automatically associated with the lovely and praised childhood memories. Besides, I can guarantee that in such a look you will stay in the spotlight, regardless of the event that you attend.

Jessica Alba also went for an awesome print and rocked a very creative and cool ensemble. A pair of blue pants is combined with a charcoal gray long-sleeved sweatshirt that features a very cool design. The front part is styled with a vibrant cartoon print that makes you think of some comics. The catchy yellow and red hues go along with the lust red pumps and a very elegant handbag in black.

Sponge Bob printed sweater dress
Sponge Bob printed sweater dress
One cal also go for a super vibrant sweater dress in yellow with a Sponge Bob print. The very color of the piece makes it stand out from the crowd in a great way. You can be sure that you won’t go unnoticed in such a number, especially if you complement it with right accessories. The baggy fit matches the short cut in a perfect way, whereas the black spots all over the item can fit into the overall color palette of the outfit.

If you want to create a layered outfit, then this would be the best look to opt for. A lovely ecru lace dress is combined with a contrasting and quite funky off-shoulder top in gray. Everything from the design of the piece to the engaging style makes it an awesome number to wear. Multicolored long sleeves along with a Mickey Mouse print create a very alluring image which go well with the vibrant shoes in yellow and red framed sunglasses.

Tweety and Silvester are also quite well-known and beloved cartoon characters among our generation. I can’t imagine anyone who would have not watched this awesome series. The cute duo made us laugh so many times, that it is impossible to not fall in love with them. And the best way to give tribute to these old good friends is to wear a pair of leggings featuring their image. The coolest thing about this clothing piece is that the print embellishing it is asymmetrical. The bright hues against the glossy black surface creates a magnificent image, very appealing and irresistible.

Last but not least comes a cute sweatshirt embellished with a very appealing print. In case you consider yourself to be a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and his numerous friends, then this is what you are most likely to fall in love with. This cute shirt printed with Goofy images looks very engaging and unique. The way it is paired with a ruffled black mini skirt, black socks and monochrome flats adds up to the overall impression.

What do you think about these awesome cartoon printed outfits? Which on would you add to your closet?

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