How To Wear Plaid: 20 Outstanding Examples

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Plaid skirt and floral blouse
Plaid skirt and floral blouse
If you are looking for a perfect summer pattern to complement your closet, then you are on the right track. There are surely plenty of prints available today, but there has to be one that would inspire you for great outfits. Such a design is very well presented in the below collection of 20 mind-blowing summer looks that all feature a plaid piece. In some of them, on is even likely to spot several items embellished in such an engaging and magnificent way. Scroll down and get some extraordinary inspiration to come up with the incredible ensembles of your own.

20 Plaid Outfits To Be Added To Your Summer Collection

In case you are in love with outstanding and super stylish ensembles, this look will surely blow your mind away. I can hardly imagine anyone who would not fall in love with the great vibe and adorable style of this combo. All you need to do to reach such an overwhelming effect is just to combine a high waist flare midi skirt in blue, black, white and red plaid with a very light button up blouse in white and blue, a pair of magnificent black leather booties and short tan socks. Additionally, you might want to throw in a pair of trendy eyewear in coral pink, an elegant clutch in black and a set of stylish jewelry pieces.

Those of you who are in love with coral shades, feel free to use this particular outfit as an example to follow. You will be totally overwhelmed by the exquisite design that this loo features, as it is full of individual style and artistic approach. The neoprene crop top with short sleeves and tight neckline is paired with a matching mini skater skirt and beautiful pumps in white. The very print of the suit looks so delicate and appealing, that it is quite hard to resist its power. White elements of the fabric perfectly match the ecru leather of the clutch studded with gold rhinestones. A cute pendant in gold along with a set of saucy rings and a stylish watch complete this ensemble in an excellent manner.

If you think that one plaid pieces is absolutely not enough for you, go ahead and try on this overwhelming composition that will by all means turn you into the most stylish person in the neighborhood. A long-sleeved button up shirt in blue, red, violet and gray features a somewhat cowboy style, whereas these high waist loose pants in emerald, navy and yellow plaid look more classy. The very combination of the two pieces in quite unique in the first place, which definitely makes one get attracted to it. Moreover, the way this fashionista styled the ensemble also looks quite appealing – I have absolutely no doubt that you will be very much impressed by the styling part. That is, a multi-colored beaded necklace with an ethnic touch as well as matching bangles, a pair of stylish glasses in black and an outstanding clutch in vibrant fuchsia makes it impossible to stay indifferent toward this image.

Casual and funky look featuring a plaid shirt
Casual and funky look featuring a plaid shirt
There is also a great outfit to serve as a source of inspiration for those ladies, who prefer casual and funky style. This outfit is extremely easy to create: simply pair up a ripped loose T-shirt in khaki and bleached denim shorts and wrap a classy cowboy plaid shirt in red around your waist. I can guarantee that the impression you create will not leave any single human being untouched. If you add a pair of moderately designed suede booties in pistachio, a statement necklace in gold, several bracelets and a cozy handbag in an ecru shade, you look will be fully complete. As one can see, there is not much of the effort to build up a saucy and appealing outfit like this one; however, the image you leave behind is totally worth spending some time.

Last but not least comes an elegant look that can be easily transferred into your office wear outfit. This beautiful short-sleeved dress with a tight neckline, baggy silhouette, pleated skirt in a moderate cut and a strip of glossy ribbon in charcoal gray is more than just a dress. It can be surely considered as a masterpiece, due to its overwhelming vibe and high appeal. Moreover, the frock represents quite a multi-functional item in a sense that one can sport it on various occasions: from formal receptions and some official exhibitions to regular dinners with friends and even informal parties. Therefore there is absolutely no reason why one should ever doubt the opportunity to add this gorgeous article of clothing into their personal collection. Especially when it is so easy to style: just rock a pair of elegant pumps in a moderate shade along with a similar handbag and some very elegant accessories.

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