Inspired by Central Asia: Ikat Fashion

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Magnificent ikat dress
Magnificent ikat dress
If you are attracted by orientalism and anything that stand out from the myriad of cliche and boring ideas, this post will speak to a lot. You will be suggested a whole new level of fashion inspiration which will bring a million of ideas on your path. It tuns out that people tend to fall in love with anything they have little or now knowledge at all, as we always get overwhelmed by various mysteries and secrets. So it is of no surprise to me that designers all over the world decided once to use a mysterious and underexplored region of Central Asia as a source of inspiration. You will be amazed at how many adorable ensembles were created with the help of ikat – a magnificent print that is widely used to embellished the precious silk outfits of Tajik, Uzbek and Turkmen citizens. Wearing such an outfit not only provides you with an astonishing look, but also makes you an educated lady who always seeks to expand her horizons. So yes, there are plenty of advantages this trend can endow you with. Therefore, scroll down and check out the striking images that will surely make you fall in love with this fine print once and forever.

How To Wear Ikat: 8 Awesome Looks

Ikat printed pants and a collared shirt
Ikat printed pants and a collared shirt
If you were right in a search of a magnificent dress to add to your extensive collection, here is a stunning idea that will definitely make your mouth water. This marvelous piece is designed in such a mind-blowing way that it is quite hard to resist its power and high style. I myself would love to wear it on some formal occasion or to a fashionable party – either way I would surely look appropriate and outstanding. Everything from the exquisite fabric to the beautiful color palette makes this frock one of the most splendid I have seen recently. And trust me – I have checked a large amount of clothing piece so far. The skimming fit along with the short cut and sleeveless silhouette contribute to a very alluring and engaging image, whereas fuchsia pink and crystal white complement each other in a gorgeous way. The glistening texture of the material adds up to the overall impression and leaves no chance for anyone to pass by the item without falling in love with it. Moreover, the black twisted styling along the back and an elegant oval shaped laser-cut along the neckline create even a more irresistible picture.

Those of you who prefer to rock something less festive and more casual, ought to try on this particular ensemble. The composition is so unique and fresh that you will be one hundred percent a queen of any event you are attending. Besides, one can easily sport these clothing pieces separately – which is quite an add-on to your current closet, isn’t it? To reach such a stunning image, you just need to combine a pair of high waist loose pants in some delicate fabric and a lovely silk blouse with short sleeves and collared design. The latter is styled in beige, black, yellow and pink; whereas the former features sky blue as the main shade and black, yellow and white as the complementary ones. A pair of saucy high heels as well as a bright clutch and trendy sunglasses would complete this outfit in an excellent way. All in one, this is a great ensemble to rock on various occasions; be it a business meeting (with some extremely creative and artistic partners) or a formal dinner in a fancy restaurant. As for the styling part – one does not really need that much jewelry pieces or an outstanding hair style to finish the look, as the composition itself is already very efficient.

If you think that you are still not ready to sport such bright and catchy prints, why not to start with smaller steps? Feel free to rock something like this beautiful and super stylish ikat shirt featuring short sleeves, loose silhouette and off-shoulder fit. I am pretty sure that there are a lot of clothing pieces and accessories in your closet that will go along with this lovely item. The color palette – which includes anything from yellow to purple – makes it easier to come up with the rest of the outfit, so do not hesitate and get yourself an ikat top.

In case you would like to see more of the cool ways to wear ikat printed outfits, browse through the images below and enjoy the beauty of this adorable print.

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