Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook

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Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook
Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook

We knew it was coming sooner or later. It was just the matter of time. Have you ever felt huge relief when something you were expecting for a long time appeared to be better than it was in your dreams? That’s the feeling I got once I saw this newest collection. I was wondering how the line could be both Marant- and H&M-like. Now I can see it very clearly. Can you?

Isabel Marant Teams Up With H&M

What happens when two famous fashion brands decide to release one collection? Answers may vary, but the most important thing is that it will be a great success anyway. The prominent Swedish brand keeps delighting us with more and more street style looks, whereas Isabel Marant is still a dream. Beautiful, tempting and unreachable. Not yet, though!

You will be surprised at the prices of the items. Accessories and shoes range from $25 to $299, whereas clothing pieces – from $30 to $399. To find an article of clothing by Isabel Marant for less than $400 is a miracle indeed.

The two brands decided such a fruitful collaboration was not enough. So they tapped a wide range of prominent models to star in the lookbook. Andreea Diaconu, Alek Wek, Milla Jovovich, Iselin Steiro, Malgosia Bela and French singer Lou Doillon all look fantastic.

I absolutely adore the collection presented in the lookbook. The outfits might seem to resemble each other in some way, but if you look closer, you will spot the significant differences. I like the combination of colors, textures and styles in every single look. All the ensembles feature pants in various designs and shades. I love the leather ones in black, donned by Alek Wek.

Surprisingly, I fell for the outfit that she demonstartes. Not that I don’t like her, it is actually the nasty color of the ensemble that astonishes me. To be more precise, the very fact of my affection for it strikes me. Anyway, I am sure some of you will share my feelings. The grayish-black shirt with long sleeves, a colorful wool cardigan and a pair brown-gray suede booties perfectly complete the look.

I would also try on a different outfit. Monochrome trend is not going to leave this season’s stage, for sure. It keeps coming back just when we are ready to forget about it. White skinny pants are paired with a white top and a rough black blazer over. The latter, by the way, is obviously over sized. Do you think they got confused? No way, it was done on purpose. The blazer actually looks more like a man’s clothing piece. Well, maybe that’s another way of saying Hi to the guy you are secretly in love with for so many years.

Check out the gallery to see the images of the gorgeous collections. More photos of the lookbook are to be released soon.

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