Juicy Couture Spring Summer 2013 Collection

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From season to season we cannot wait to see the new styles delivered by the chic clothing label Juicy Couture. This time the high end fashion brand takes us to the warm summer days by launching the Juicy Couture spring summer 2013 collection, which is fun, lightweight and playful. It features the chic ensembles, stylish garments for the casual wear as well as the contemporary accessories that will ideally suit the fashion addicts.
The latest Juicy Couture spring summer 2013 collection is a real example of the true Californian style. The collection includes both the garments for the casual cases and the classier and chic items for the special occasions. In both cases the collection is distinguished with the youth and glam appeal where the color occupies the main place.
It features the garments from classical blacks and whites to the hot reds, bold yellows, greens, blues and surely pinks, which is the signature color of the brand. As for the prints, you can find the trendy prints, dots and stylish stripes.
When it gets to the trendy styling techniques of the label, in this Juicy Couture spring summer 2013 collection the brand offers the combination of the miniskirts and playful blouses layered with the light jacket and blazer, flirty shorts coupled with the plain tees and wedged heels, flared skirts teamed with the sheer sweaters, cropped tops worn with jeans, denim jackets and pointed shoes.
Besides the standard combinations, there are some funky ones like the sophisticated printed pants layered with the blouses and sporty jacket or the sweatpants teamed with the seducing corset, sporty jacket and pointed-toe heels.

Juicy Couture spring summer 2013 collection

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