Karlie Kloss for Lindex & Matthew Williamson Campaign

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Karlie Kloss for Lindex & Matthew Williamson Campaign
Karlie Kloss for Lindex & Matthew Williamson campaign

I love collaborations! No matter what it is about, whenever I hear that two (or even more) fashion brands team up for a capsule collection, I get super excited. For one thing, you always get something totally new and gorgeous, when two talents meet together to create a masterpiece. Also, it is quite fun to observe how a brand’s concept might slightly (or completely) alter throughout the process of team-working. Anyway, such events bring us nothing except for joy and positive attitude. Let’s check out the newest campaign, as a product of cooperation between Lindex and Matthew Williamson.

Matthew Williamson X Lindex and Karlie Kloss

This is what Johan Hallin, Director of Concept and Marketing at Lindex, thinks of the cooperation with Matthew Williamson:

I am more than satisfied with Matthew Williamson’s campaign. It will appear through most channels, on the web, where the campaign is domiciled, there is an interesting and in-depth material about the designer and the collection. We started the campaign several weeks ago by giving our customers more inspiration about the collection and the designer, on lindex.com, Facebook, Instagram and last but not least in our new E-magazine.

As if a mere fact of such an interesting and fruitful collaboration is not enough, the designers decide to tap one of the world’s leading models. Karlie Kloss, the American model, stars in this campaign. But she is not the only one posing in saucy outfits! Matthew Williamson himself joined the beauty for the photoshoot. Both of them were lensed by another star in the fashion industry – photographer Giampaolo Sgura. Veronique Didry styled the photoshoot.

The English fashion designer has also shared his thoughts:

This collection was really about capturing the DNA of my main line. I wanted to include lots of great pattern and colour, but do it in a very wearable way. The theme is loosely based on the idea of the English rose. I imagined the wearer in a fantastic, slightly decayed stately home in the English countryside for a long weekend. I approach any collaboration I do differently. There are always a multitude of factors to bear in mind. I had to design childrenswear for this collection and it was a lot of fun. I loved seeing how the drawings came to life. Everything looked adorable reduced down to such a small scale.

Lindex & Matthew Williamson Campaign appeared to be very bright and energetic. I love the way Karlie poses – she breathes in joy and good mood into each of the photos. A child featured in the ad campaign is something totally unexpected yet very cool. It also adds some live touch to the images.

Check out the gallery and enjoy the gorgeous photoshoot yourself!

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