Koton Spring 2014 Ads

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Koton Spring 2014 Ads
Koton Spring 2014 Ads

If you think that I have misspelled the word, this is not the case.  Koton is exactly what I meant, for this is the name of the famous Turkish brand. The label produces saucy clothing pieces with a trendy touch and of a high quality. And of course the best thing about these outfits is that they are all quite affordable. There are not so many brands in the fashion world that can let us purchase tons of items without going totally bankrupt. And Koton is definitely one of such labels. Take a look at the retailer’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign and I am sure you will fall in love with all the stylish ensembles. Especially when they are showcased in such a stunning way!

Koton Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

Koton Spring 2014 ad campaign appears to be very trendy and engaging. All the ensembles donned by Kasia Struss are designed to make any lady shine and strike. The silhouettes are incredibly feminine, while the prints and embellishments add a touch of glam to the line. I adore the way all the pieces are airy and lightsome, as if the beauty wearing them is out of a different world. There is nothing outrageous or vulgar in any of the looks and this is exactly what makes the collection so appealing. The feminine and romantic images won’t leave you untouched, trust me.

My favorite look is the most bohemian one. I fell in love with the enchanting high-waisted mini-skirt in black with ethnic motifs. The rich embroidery in a range of bright colors makes this piece absolutely irresistible. Besides, the skirt is paired with an elegant black baggy shirt with long sleeves and a whole bunch of beautiful necklaces. If you got intrigued, check out the gallery and see more of the stunning Koton Spring 2014 ads!

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